I had a weird dream. #DreamLog

I had a weird dream. #DreamLog

There was a huge dispute in the street. Apparently, an Indian guy had hired a pedicab driver, and the pedicab [white] driver drove this guy around and after racking up a fare of $75.00 the Indian guy refused to pay! To the point the cops were brought in. I just so happened to be in the area sitting in my car and all of a sudden I’m getting racially profiled, cops giving me a hard time thinking I had something to do with it. Why would I need a pedicab if I’m in a car? #LogicalLivesMatter

At one point I even grab the driver who happened to look like Jeremy Piven and I go, “Jeremy, come on now, vouch for me, I’m a good guy.” And he looks at the cop and says, “yeah man, you all have it wrong… he’s not the bad guy… Don’t treat him like Mystikal!” The cop goes, “but his name’s not Jeremy.” 


Nick Cannon Spoken Word Rap About Slavery (VIDEO)

Nick Cannon Spoken Word Rap About Slavery (VIDEO)

This is part 1! The rest is coming soon. And hopefully Howard Stern breaks it down for the rest of the listening population!


Baseball Bad Boy Lenny Dykstra Parties with Vivid Cabaret NY Strippers (Photos)

Baseball Bad Boy Lenny Dykstra Parties with Vivid Cabaret NY Strippers (photos)

Whoah, the black chick on the left is a BADDDD chick! Puts Gabriel Union to shame!

The book comes out on June 28th, but Lenny Dykstra rushed to Vivid Cabaret (61 West 37th Street) to share some advance copies of his new book, “House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge,” with the lovely Vivid Cabaret New York strippers.

“He’s proud of his book and he read some passages to the girls,” explained Vivid Cabaret NY girl Kimmie. “Oh, and we all gave lap dances to Lenny. I consider it probably the greatest book party ever—just the author and us girls on the Vivid Cabaret Roof Deck Lounge!”

“He’s outrageous, and so is his book,” proclaimed Vivid Cabaret NY girl Ava.

Vivid Cabaret NY girl Marilyn agreed, “It’s shocking some of the things he did. It’s an amazing book.”

Vivid Cabaret NYC is well known for having the city’s tallest stripper pole (26 1/2 feet tall), and is a favorite spot for pro athletes from all the major sports who like to “make it rain” on the club’s gorgeous dancers. It is the sister club to the world famous Rick’s Cabaret NYC, located just four blocks away.

Vivid Cabaret New York
61 West 37th Street
*** Over 100 Entertainers Daily
*** Three Floors of Luxury
*** VIP Ultra Lounge
*** 26 1/2 Foot Tall Stripper Pole
*** Deluxe Suites
*** Roof Top Garden and Smoking Lounge
*** Now Open for Lunch
*** Four Stages


Hot Chick of The Day: Jess DaBes

2016-06-17 19_31_01
Hot Chick of The Day: Jess DaBes

I think I discovered the hottest, cutest chick on the planet. And by discovered I mean she’s a cam-h00er, so she gets “discovered” every 5 minutes. Lolz.

The part that absolutely DEVASTATES my soul… eviscerating it to a pile of dust, is the fact that she’s Canadian.

You know how the cliche is for people to move out to Los Angeles and follow their show business dreams? I think my version of that is just moving to Canada and finding a Canadian chick. They are totally another alien species. You know, the species that doesn’t have a Michelin tire around their waist AND doesn’t have a ring around their finger? Yeah, that one. That’s the one I want to meet because so far they don’t exist in my current existence. SIGH!

The chick is talented too, right?