Shabooty Interview Series: @TAYLORVIXEN Twisty’s Treat of The Year 2012 [PODCAST]

Shabooty Interview Series: TAYLOR VIXEN Twisty’s Treat of The Year 2012 [PODCAST]

I just have to make a random aside comment. Now of course my friends know me and know what I do… but I always run into trouble when it comes to “friend’s of friends.” …Translation, they’re retards. The other weekend I was hanging out with my friend and my friend’s friend, and I show him the picture of Taylor Vixen’s signed headshot to me (shabooty). And this clown goes, “is she even real?” Like as if I printed out an 8×10 headshot, then signed it “TO SHABOOTY <333,” (essentially to myself) and then took a photo of it, and posted it on my blog as an unhumble brag. Some people are fu*king retarded. So translation: yes, Taylor Vixen is real. How dare you!!! Even her boobs are real. Here’s our REAL interview — in podcast form:

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Shabooty Interview Series: TAYLOR VIXEN (Penthouse Pet of The Year 2010)

TAYLOR VIXEN (Penthouse Pet of The Year 2010)
Shabooty Interview Series: TAYLOR VIXEN (Penthouse Pet of The Year 2010)

Taylor Vixen is best known for gracing the pages of Penthouse Magazine. The Dallas native started modeling in 2009 and soon found herself as the 40th Anniversary Penthouse Pet and has since went on to become The PENTHOUSE Pet of the Year for 2010.

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Shabooty: Have you ever partied with Charlie Sheen?
Taylor Vixen: Eww, no. I’m actually not a partier. I think the last time I was drunk was in November and I don’t do drugs, I’m like the goodie girl. In other words, I don’t think that I would fit in to hang out with Charlie Sheen.

What do you think of the girl (Kacey Jordan) that basically spilled the beans and shared every detail to the media?
She’s selling her story basically making some money off of it. That’s her thing. To each their own.

Have you ever been on the Howard Stern Show?
What’s funny is I’m headed right now to do Lupe Fuentes’ new show she’s doing on Howard[101], and I’ve done [the] Howard [Stern Show] twice.

When was the first time you were in Penthouse Magazine?
The first time I was in Penthouse, I was the 40th Anniversary Pet for September of 2009.

If you watch the Jersey Shore, who’s your favorite cast member?
I do not watch the Jersey Shore, I couldn’t even tell you who’s a cast member.

And what production company do you work with the most?
Right now, I’ve been working with Girlfriends Films [Inc.] a lot.

I think I saw in one of your tweets, you’re a Justin Bieber fan?
No, not at all. If you saw the tweet I was saying his song sucked, haha.

But didn’t you say that you were gonna get a Justin Bieber backpack?
Oh, that was another tweet, because I found a Justin Bieber backpack. I just thought it was funny.

For example, when somebody like Lisa Ann has a bad shoot with Hustler and rants and raves about it on Twitter, how the director is a prick, etc… when you see something like that, do you immediately side with her or the director?
Well, I never side with anybody because I’m more of a peace-maker — I mean, we all have issues ya know, we all have problems with companies, I never speak of my problems and it’s whatever, I don’t really pay attention.

What’s the title of your next big movie?
I actually do not know because Girlfriend Films is in the works of naming it.

Who do you like working with the most?
Jelena Jensen, Aiden Ashley… and you know, that’s about all so far because I just started back in the industry.

Do you feel bad for male p0rnstars since it’s hard for them to amass Twitter followers?
Well, I don’t really know much about male pornstars because I don’t do ‘boy-girl’ so, I don’t really know any of them. Do they have twitters? Haha.

I mean they do, but it’s just funny because their followers are minimal compared to that of most female adult-stars on Twitter
Well, you know that like vagina rules the world, so…

Haha, yeah. And so what’s your Valentines Day advice to single people?
Rings don’t plug holes.

Have you worked with two pals of mine: Brooke Haven and Andy San Dimas?
I have not. But I know Brooke really well. I met her in ’09, and she was so sweet to me. One of the nicest people I have met and we have actually been friends for a while and Andy San Dimas, we’ve hung out here and there, but she’s a really cool chick. I would love to work with her.

Do you cherish your Penthouse key necklace?
I do… I wear it all the time.

It’s a badge of honor?
Yeah, it’s a key they make specifically for Pet of the Year, so that’s what’s cool about it. I know they re-did the key in 2004 so I have the seventh one out of anybody. It’s like a Ferrari ya know, there’s only a certain amount made.

The Pet of the Year one is fancier looking than the regular keys, right?
Yes, it’s all diamonds and it has a crown on the top of it with diamonds.

What’s your best physical feature?
Well I have A LOT but… haha, I’m just kiddin’. I like my smile, I mean I love my boobs but I like my smile, my innocent look.

Your girl next door look?
Yeah, I have that girl next door look.

Have you won any AVNs?
No, I was nominated in 2009, which was cool to be nominated, and then this year nothing cause I haven’t shot anything and so hopefully in 2011 I’ll have some nominations and maybe wins.

You touched on this earlier, but what WON’T you do on film?
I will not SHIT on anyone. Pee on anyone. Or do boy-girl.

taylor vixen shabooty interviewIt’s funny because every time I interview a female pr0nstar and I mention the name BRIAN PUMPER, it’s like I mentioned the devil’s name!
Who’s that? I’ve never heard of him.

He’s the guy that was hooking up with Montana Fishburne (Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter). He has the worst wrap apparently. Of the people that I’ve interviewed, he’s the only person on their “NO LIST”.
Yeah, I’ve heard of girls having ‘no lists’ and ya know, I just really try to stay out of the gossip.

What’s the process to win Penthouse Pet of the Year?
Well it was last year, for a full year. You get a contract for a solid year and you do promo for the magazine. So it’s not like for Penthouse Studios.

How do they go about picking one over the other eleven?
From what I know, you do some promo for the company — for instance there’s twelve girls that are pets, right — for that year. All of them are beautiful, but you know how some girls can be totally different in person, and even probably look totally different in person. They have to base it off a reliable, pretty girl that can do a lot of media, I think. You know there have been days where I had to get up at 3:30 AM and get ready and do media all day and honestly some people can’t do it. It’s hard, it’s a lot of work. So I guess they based it off that and of course all the girls are pretty and I think it just comes down to that.

So you’re about to go do Lupe Fuentes’ show on Howard101?
Yeah, she’s so cute and funny, she asked me to come over and do it. She’s doing this thing for Howard [Stern] — Howard absolutely loves her and it’s like her own little one hour show, and I think it’s the first one.

Thank you. XX –Shabooty!

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