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Confession: I’ve Spent Real Money For #NBA2K15 VC (Virtual Currency)

Confession: I’ve Spent Real Money For NBA2K15 VC (Virtual Currency)

I thought I’d never be one of those shmoes that spends real $$$ for in-game currency/purchases. But now… I am. But here is my defense. I am not proud of it but literally, the MyTeam mode is impossible without doing so…

–The CPU difficulty is such that if your players aren’t top notch, you’re screwed.

–The NBA2K15 online community is based around “pack openings.” Similar to traditional baseball cards, they’ve implemented purchasable packs, which cost VC (Virtual currency). You can play the game regularly, but getting enough for a pack almost takes a week. Every time you play a game, you have to purchase ‘contracts’ for your players which eats away at your earnings. Your players get injured, so you either have to play without them, our go on the auction house and buy an Injury Heal card. Everything is geared towards buying more packs and often times that means spending real $$$ for in-game currency. It’s really lame and not consumer friendly and I have found myself caught up in it.

You think gambling is addicting, these pack openings are too. Then going on the auction house and ‘sniping’ players… that’s exciting, too. Setting up a new lineup and tackling ‘challenges’ are exciting. It’s an addicting game, and I’m clearly addicted. I just wanna admit I’ve spent a hefty sum and it’s lame of me, but this game is unplayable and unenjoyable otherwise. Oh, and every time I play online vs. a human opponent they have LeBron James. You think that’s an accident? No, they’ve probably used real $$$ to get in-game currency to get packs and ultimately, buy LeBron James on the auction house. There’s no point to this post other than to fill you guys in. Above and below are videos of pack openings. These guys are youtube famous because of it! Brothers are even dating white chicks with speech impediments off this fame, dogg!

Oh, another thing I think 2k does is when they release a new special edition/limited edition pack, the people who buy them first, they come out with a ton of special (Ruby -or other Gem players), and then people make youtube videos and hype them up. By the time you get home and want to buy some, they’ve nerfed the packs and you get swindled. This shit happens.

Okay, I gotta run and get back to some 2K! Oh, and if you think I’m some nerd, even NBA players themselves are obsessed:


Monster Hunter 4 U Demo Codes (Shabooty Exclusive)

Monster Hunter 4 U Demo Codes (Shabooty Exclusive)

As promised on twitter, I was going to give away demo codes for Monster Hunter 4 U — 3DS — North America.

Here’s 1 of 3:


You’ve been selected to receive special early access to the demo for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS system.

The demo includes a selection of quests that can be played alone or with up to three others via local* or wireless broadband connection. It’s available now, and there’s no limit on play sessions. Happy hunting!

If you managed to snag this, tweet on my twitter so I can retweet you so people know it’s legit! I haven’t decided when I am going to post the other 2. But stay tuned to my twitter @shabooty.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Nintendo 3DS

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Nintendo 3DS

Having played MH3U religiously I wish this was coming to home consoles. If this was on PS4 or XboxOne for example, the online play would be HUGE! Instead we’re stuck playing it on our handhelds at home (near Wifi). Sigh!

And that NEW 3DS XL coming out, I’d get it except I never even pick up my regular 3DS XL. Sigh x 2.