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Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS – Training Day Commercial

Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS – Training Day Commercial

I played the demo–it’s an amazingly polished game, but let’s be honest, it’s a button-smasher fighting game and button-smashing on the 3DS becomes uncomfortable, fast. I’m waiting for this on the WiiU, then I’ll cop.


Jay on Twitter_ _Destiny Treasure Loot Cave Farming Hot Fix! Destiny Update Patches Loot Cave!_ http___t.co_hnNPjlWuva via @YouTube_

The Nerdy Perez Hilton AKA @MorninAfterKill Goes In On Bungie For Nerfing Destiny’s Loot Cave Farm!

The Nerdy Perez Hilton AKA @MorninAfterKill Goes In On Bungie For Nerfing Destiny’s Loot Cave Farm!

I second this guy’s every sentiment expect when he brings in gay sex metaphors into his rants… and 9/10 times they’re not even metaphors they’re blatant dick-in-a$$ jokes! Lolz.

Thank god I had already broke down my Queen’s legendary purple gear last night! Hell yes.



The DEFINITIVE #DESTINY Review by Shabooty!

The DEFINITIVE #DESTINY Review by Shabooty!

Here’s my review of Destiny. Editor’s Note: I play on the PS4 version.

While the first excursion through Destiny’s story may not totally float your boat, stick with it. Admittedly, the first time you play, you probably have no online friends, you’re playing solo and then you may come up against some stale cardboard-esque moments. But if you stick around, that is a very short-lived sensation. The keys to having copious amounts of fun with Destiny are as follows: 1) if you enter in a Strike and are matched up with two random people and you all end up doing well, friend-list those guys (add ‘em to your buddy list). The more online friends you have that you can party up with at any given time, the greater fun you will have.

2) Get to level 20. At that point the end game opens up and it’s even more engaging, charming and addicting than the first 20 levels. This is basically levels 20-30, which are only obtained via high tier light gear (as opposed to experience).

What this leaves you with is a grind but a fun grind. No matter what, you will be constantly upgrading your character as long as you put in the time. Admittedly, I am coming from a background of loving Diablo 3, so the gear hunt is always exciting to me–probably too exciting. When one’s a kid, to get a new matchbox car, would make a kid’s MONTH! In this game, anytime you get some new gear it really is just like getting a new toy or at least upgrading your existing favorite toy (Destiny) into something greater. I hope that’s not embarrassing–this being written by a grown-ass 32 year old man with all 3 next-gen consoles. #tearshed

So as long as you stick with the game, any cardboard-esque (dull) moments you might have confronted in the early parts of the game will soon, all be forgotten. Yes, you will have a lot of retreading through the game, but again, as long as you’re with a fun party (preferably with mics)– you will enjoy yourself. Now on to Player-vs-player.

The Crucible–the PVP aspect of the game admittedly is also painful to play when you’re starting out (levels 0-20). Again, I have to echo the same theme of “just stick with it.” As you level up your gear, you’ll be taking that into the Crucible and you will see yourself do better. But on the plus side, even if you do sh*t in the Crucible PVP, they usually always award the lowest scoring players in a match, some extra gear. #TWINNING
And I def. have two huge tips to give on the Crucible and here goes: try to get headshots –this is probably best done while aiming down the sights, and always be looking at your radar in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Do that and you’ll start kicking the llama’s arse in PVP.

While games like ‘The Last of Us’ are great and have a 95 Metacritic combined rating, the problem with those games is after you beat the 10 hour campaign mission, you’re pretty much done. I’ve poured 1 day and 18 hours into the game already — that’s 42 hours for those of you that suck at math, and I am currently at level 25. And yet, I am very anxious to play the game with a tons more to do and level up. It’s the most addicting game I’ve played since Diablo 3 and maybe Monster Hunter 3 U. At the end of the day, the more you play Destiny, the more you will ultimately enjoy it.

SCORE: I give it 4.5 out of 5 BOOTIES (_*_) (_*_) (_*_) (_*_) (_c_) 

Editor’s Note: I recently interviewed the stuntwoman and fitness model that played the Warlock in the big-budget Destiny commercial. Check it out, Shabooty Interview Series: Mallory Thompson (DESTINY). And to play alongside yours truly on PSN, add me: ‘shabotydotcom’ for a romp through DESTINY.

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Shabooty Interview Series: Mallory Thompson (DESTINY)

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Shabooty Interview Series: Mallory Thompson (DESTINY)

Destiny is the AAA-title of the year from Bungie, the makers of Halo! It came out last Tuesday and I have found it to be very addicting and fun–replacing my Diablo 3 addiction. With the only thing prying me away from the game being this interview.

Prior to the release of the game, Bungie/Activision released what is the hottest Live-Action trailer for a video game ever created. This trailer stars a Warlock, a Titan, and a Hunter–the game’s 3 classes. I had a chance to interview Destiny’s Warlock, played by stuntwoman & fitness model, Mallory Thompson. Here’s our Shabooty Interview along with EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes photos from the Destiny shoot you won’t find anywhere else!

Shabooty: What video game related shoots have you worked on?
Mallory Thompson: In terms of live-action commercials, I have worked on Destiny and Call of Duty. I also perform as a motion capture actress for in-game animations, such as Call of Duty Black Ops II and The Order 1886. There are a few games in the works that I can’t talk about, but they are going to be huge!

What is your guesstimation on the budget of the Destiny commercial?
I don’t know the budget of the commercial, but I do know they spent close to 500 million developing and promoting the game. Considering the travel, far-out locations, and the amazing work of Digital Domain, it was obvious that they didn’t spare any expense to make this the best video game trailer.

Were there people from Bungie there, guiding the director?
Bungie made the right choice with Joseph Kosinski. He is brilliant action director. Together, they brought this game to life. The Bungie animators were very helpful with showing us movement and specifics of the in-game animations. We wanted to replicate the animations as best as possible, so the animators were key in those decisions.

Did you know the game was gonna be huge before you got the gig?
Yes! This game has been highly anticipated. Since I work in this world, I have heard the buzz about this one for a while. When I got the call for this job, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to become Warlock.

You also do stunts? What actresses’ stunt doubles have you been?
Yes, I have been a professional stuntwoman for 5 years, it goes hand in hand with motion capture and action acting gigs. I have doubled Courtney Cox, Jennifer Garner, Ashley Judd, Troian Bellasario, and many more. I am currently working on Paranormal Activity 5.

What was your work on Django like?
I loved working on Django! Quentin Tarantino’s scripts always provide plenty of work for stunt performers. Quentin is such a gifted director and is always pushing the envelope. I was lucky enough to work with him again on From Dusk Till Dawn as a Culebra in the Pandemonium episode.

How many hours are you in the gym daily?
I spend at least an hour in the gym everyday along with a very active lifestyle. My job is very physically demanding whether I am fitness modeling or doing stunts.

You do yoga?
Yes, yoga is a great way for me to refocus and recover after a long week of a physically demanding schedule.

Are you a Howard Stern fan?
Yes, I love that Howard Stern unapologetically speaks his mind. He challenges the status quo and is hilarious in doing so.

How did you achieve the status of a Wilhelmina model?
I have been an athlete all my life, I was a gymnast, pole vaulter, rock climber and triathlete. Working as a stunt-woman I met many photographers on set and began building a portfolio. I was asked to represent certain fitness companies and eventually found myself at the Wilhelmina agency in New York City. They are the top fitness modeling agency and I am happy to be a part of their team.

Can you kick Ray Rice’s ass?
No comment.

Mallory Thompson can be found on:
Twitter | Instagram | Website | Sizzle Reel | IMDb | Wilhelmina

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Photography by Viki Chan