Go Cop @ByronCrawford’s New Book–It’s Better Than Leveling Up A New Warlock in Destiny!

Go Cop Byron Crawford’s New Book–It’s Better Than Leveling Up A New Warlock in Destiny!

That subject line made sense to about 1% of the hip-hop heads out there. Let’s just put it this way… if you have time to kill and you’re me you’re going to spend it in one of two ways. Either read Bol’s new book: No Country For Old Black Men (and young black men, too)–or you’re bored in the Bungie game Destiny, and you want to level up a new character, a Warlock in my case. So while I haven’t read the book yet, I am sure it’s better than leveling up a Warlock! Because that’s a redundant experience of “farming for experience.” And this–well, the plight of the black man, that’s not much of a redundant experience for non-black-ish men. By the way that was a joke, it’s called “No Country For Black Men.” This is actually an okay country for OLD black men, because racist white people aren’t threatened as much by old black men–unless of course you’re at Ben’s Chili Bowl in DC, and you look over and Cosby threw some powdered quaalude in your chili-cheese fries. Which could theoretically happen. It’s a cash-only establishment, and we all know hot chicks in which Cosby would prey over never have cash on them. Unless of course a stripper with a purse full of $1’s counts!

Oh, and here’s my pitiful Lvl.7 Warlock that is about to be neglected in the name of book-learning:


P.s. — Fun facts: the book just came out today, and today’s my birthday! YOLO.