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Erin Andrews 911 Call About Paparazzi – “I’m the Naked One!” (TMZ)

Erin Andrews 911 Call About Paparazzi – “I’m the Naked One!” (TMZ)

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TMZ has obtained the foul-mouthed 911 call made when ESPN reporter Erin Andrews spotted “suspicious people” lurking around her Georgia home last week.

In the call, before she even says her name, Andrews says “I’ve been in the news recently about being in a hotel naked.” She goes on to say, “I did nothing wrong and I’m being treated like f***ing Britney Spears and it sucks.”


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Recap of Shabooty’s Twitter+Myspace Picture Captions AKA My Asshole Pic Comments/Tweets Of The Night!

It’s weird when a chick is in a conservative dress, in a liberal pose.


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Paradiso Girls – Patron Tequila Ft. Lil Jon and Eve (Video)

Paradiso Girls – Patron Tequila Ft Lil Jon and Eve (Video)

It would be cliche to point out how cliche this video is. I am mainly posting it for one reason – Lauren: the 2nd blonde chick in the video (you’ll know when you see her). It’s also amusing to see Eve and Lil Jon trying to crawl back into the spotlight. You know you’ve been out of the spotlight for a long time, when you come back with 600% more hair (Eve).

Lastly, I was poking around on myspace. Paradiso Girls are on Interscope Records and apparently Jimmy Iovine’s son (Jimmy Jr.) is very fond of these chicks. I wonder if he’s cramming any of them. Again, I’ll take Lauren for those purposes.

The foreign accent thing though, doesn’t work for me. They need to break up, so Lauren can go solo. Roffle. j/k.


Shabooty Interview Series: Andy San Dimas

andy san dimas

Andy San Dimas and I go way back – as in she lived sorta near me and she’s a hot chick, so that automatically put her on the “shabooty radar.” She’s come a long way. I keep seeing her name pop up. The hipsters love her, the Dave Navarros of the world have probably ran a batch to her, and well, I just interviewed her. Check it! Yes, I just lost my prawn star interview virginity. Oh, and if you know a porn star’s real name, that doesn’t mean you’re going to bang them.


Shabooty: Hey Andy, how does a porn star get to LA by way of Minnesota and Baltimore?
Andy San Dimas: When I first started out, I was only working on the east coast…booking myself. Most of the “porn” companies back east are really amateur and terrible, so it was only natural for me to step up my game by migrating to LA for REAL porn gigs. No one really notices you or cares about you unless you’re out there, which is why I’m moving in 2 months.

Was doing the interracial movie the first black guy you were ever with?
Yes! It’s not because I haven’t been attracted to black men, it was because in my regular life I only fuck the guy I’m dating, and ever since I lost my virginity I have always had a boyfriend…and they have all just happened to not be black, haha.

How are you in a relationship if you’re doing guys on film?
It’s actually a lot easier than people think…my boyfriend is very understanding and had been in a few porn scenes before I met him, so I’m sure that helps, haha. Work is work…I don’t hang out with the guys I bang on screen, and there is no attachment. Most of the guys have girlfriends who are also in the industry, so when you go into do a scene there is this understanding. Performers mostly date within the business, it’s pretty much the only way to make it work. My boyfriend actually thinks that it’s kind of hot that I do scenes with other people.

Who’s your favorite band?
This is such a hard question…but probably the Deftones if I had to choose just one. They have been my favorite band for the longest time…since middle school, and they are still putting out good stuff. My Bloody Valentine comes in at a close second, I’m a sucker for shoegaze. I also listen to a lot of synth/new wave stuff.

You’re friends what Dave Navarro
Haha! Well I wouldn’t say I know him well or talk to him often, but we have chit-chatted in the past and I met him once for about 5 minutes at an AVN convention I was signing at. He loves porn girls and they love him back, he is a pretty nice guy.

What other celebs are you friends with?
Well, aside from other porn people (who I don’t really consider to be celebs, I’m not a celeb) I am friends with Wiley Wiggins…he played the main kid in “Dazed and Confused”. He is really funny and down to earth. Honestly, I probably know the least amount of famous people out of every porn chick I know right now…an old friend of mine hangs out with Mickey O’Rourke like everyday right now, and another just went to Cannes with the cast of that new Quentin Tarantino flick.

Which have hit on you in LA?
Haha! Try none! When I’m out in LA I pretty much live like a hermit. I don’t really go out and party because I have a boyfriend, and when I’m out alone I can’t walk 2 feet with out some doucher in an ED FARTY shirt trying to get my number. I’m a loner…although this one time I did hit on Kimbo Slice. I was pretty wasted and shooting a scene for Reality King’s INTHEVIP.COM…he was there as an extra…I was so drunk that he had to carry me out of the door of the club…he’s a really nice guy, a gentleman.

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Lauren Bennett of Paradiso Girls: Jimmy Iovine’s Latest Blonde Starlet

Lauren Bennett of Paradiso Girls: Jimmy Iovine’s Latest Blonde StarletShabooty Exclusive

When Jimmy Iovine starts signing chicks THIS HOT to record deals, that’s when I start envying him. You know, unless it’s hip-hop, I don’t really care much about the music. When it comes to pop-music, I care about one thing: hot chicks. And in Iovine’s latest pop-group, Paradiso Girls, one group member sticks out to me the most: Lauren Bennett. She’s easily the hottest of the bunch. I am trying to angle for a “Lauren-only” interview, however I do confess to this: I understand it would cause resentment in the group if the hottest chick gets individual attention. Lolz. See: Aubrey O’Day (before she lost her super-flat tummy).

Having said all of this, there is nothing left to say other than show you hot pictures of Lauren Bennett of Paradiso Girls. By the way, I just ordered a Flip-Cam off of Amazon, so the next one of these kinds of posts, I will make an HD video, and show you the pics, while I try not to malfunction the camera with my drool.

Jimmy Iovine & Paradiso Girls

More pics after jump…

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Tila Tequila Without Any Make-Up On – Video

Via Tila: It started off with me just posting photos of me wearing no make up and then I got a lot of requests from everyone to make a video of myself with no make up on….so here you have it….I’m a little shy here because I feel weird without my make up on…so I’m not all up in your face this time like my other video’s…ahaha! I can’t hide anymore! ahhhh! Be nice! *runs*

This isn’t really blog worthy, but I’ve always wanted to know what spring rolls look like w/o the duck sauce.


Cassie SNATCH Pic Leaks on the Web *NSFW*


R&B singer, Cassie is at it again. This time instead of a boobie shot, a vagine shot has leaked on the internets.

She is like my new favorite singer all of a sudden.

Do you think Diddy’s next reality show is gonna be: Making The Porn Star?

NSFW after the jump.

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