Drake – Hotline Bling [Official Music Video]

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Drake – Hotline Bling [Official Music Video]

Someone please tell me the name of that model… for research purposes. I am a self-proclaimed popular culture guru, ya know?

Also, I dunno how to embed this video, because of the illuminati’s stringent policies, so click here to view.


Thanks to a reader who told me her name:


The Definitive ‘Slim Jesus’ Starter Pack

The Definitive ‘Slim Jesus’ Starter Pack

Not really.

I hadn’t heard of Slim Jesus from ‘a hole in the wall’, but Byron Crawford keeps blowing him up, so here goes. Watch the above.

Then watch the below.

Then read the Bol read in the tweet below. Then you’ll be up to speed.

Talk about an irreverent interview though. Here’s the problem with it. DJ Vlad was trying to basically blow up Slim Jesus’ spot and make him look bad. The problem is, DJ Vlad himself comes off like an asshole, and when you’re the asshole, it works inversely, and it actually makes the other person come across more likable. We’ve all been attacked so we side with the attackee not the attacker.

Anyways, likable doesn’t mean he isn’t a phony phuck that isn’t even worthy of being mentioned.