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Why @ByronCrawford Has Had The Best Week Ever (Or At Least The Best Last 48-Hours…)

Why Byron Crawford Has Had The Best Week Ever (Or At Least The Best Last 48-Hours…)

First of all, his cardboard box-riddled eye has magically healed. Just kidding, I have no idea how his eye is doing.

In the just last 48 hours, these things have happened for writer/hip-hop blogger Byron Crawford: The front-man for The Black Keys (Dan-”I hope he has a google-alerts set up for his name”-Auerbach) gave him a historic shot out in the paper of record, The New York Times [as seen above].

His former employer XXL Magazine went from treating him like a pariah to giving him promotion…

…of his new book: Kanye West Superstar–which is now available for pre-order on paperback and e-book. Cover seen below:

Side note 1:

I remember like 3-or-so years ago, I was visiting my sister in NYC and even she was aware of my–I’m not sure if affinity is the proper wording, but rather my being “fond of a cohort” (nullus)–is what I prefer to call it. Lol. Internally, I was like, “how the fu*k do you know that I like reading his stuff???” A blogger that professes to sitting around in his underwear all day, waiting for his “It’s Miller Time,” reminder to go off on his Obama phone. Kidding (yet #FactsOnly at the same time). Anyways, he’s come a long way.

Side note 2:

My best friend IRL (in real life–let’s call him KP) is unemployed, and he too is writing a book like Bol.
I think it’s like a ghetto long-read version of ‘The Motley Fool’ website. Except I am not quite sold on his motivations. I think his impetus for writing HIS book is so when he meets fat chicks on Plenty of Fish (Whales), he has a decent enough wrap for them–that he’s writing a book (and not a loser). The question is, who has their life together more… the unemployed guy who is Carmen Sandi-Negro traveling the country on his unemployment money, or me, whom is the hard-working friggin’ homebody. If you listen to Howard Stern, he hates to travel. He’s happy at home tooling away on his iMac. I’m the same way. I have no problems being a shut-in. Haha. Anyway, I just wanted an excuse to say “Carmen Sandi-Negro.” I’m done! Go cop those books when they come out.