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Rihanna deleted her #FreePalestine tweet 8 minutes after she posted it because Illuminati

Rihanna deleted her #FreePalestine tweet 8 minutes after she posted it because Illuminati 

The illuminati doesn’t play around. 8 minute turn around time is impressive right? That’s how long it took Seal Team 6 to take out Bin Laden I am assuming.

And in related news:



PHOTOS From Shabooty’s NYC B-Day Weekend!

PHOTOS From Shabooty’s NYC B-Day Weekend!

The weekend was too crazy to even recap. Someone took a fungo bat o’ fun, and whacked me upside the head with it. I am still clearly mindf*cked. If you went out 30 times and picked out the top 3 fun things that happened, and put them into a time-period of one weekend, that was my weekend.

Often times I will go out, have a fun time, and end up recapping on this blog exactly what happened. The difference this time around, and how you know I’m not bullshitting is… about 75% of the things that happened, I can’t even talk about on this blog. But I will touch on some in picture-form.
What makes it wilder, is generally I live a chill-ass-life. Yet, I was running around Manhattan like King-friggin’-Tut. I did things people put on their bucketlist and take 30 years to do. Hah. Things that not even money can buy. I have to be cryptic, though. I have a big enough mouth as is. Anyways, here are some photo-highlights! Enjoy. And thanks for the Twitter b-day shout-outs, ya’ll! PICS AND TWITTER-SHOUTOUTS BELOW:

Yours Truly aka Shabooty at Comedy Central HQ in NYC!

The Comedy Central Lobby / NYC

Had to be a good sport at Comedy Central or otherwise they’d say I have a crappy sense of humor, so I donned their infamous Bear Suit!

Roof top bar chilling… that was the view on a beautiful night. Picturesque.

B-day drinks… only two of those were mine, yet I think I drank three. 

Why the grumpy face, blonde lady next to a floral sculpture in Rockafeller Center?

Bartender at Day Party/Rooftop bar… see next pic.

I asked her to take her pic cause she looked like Rosario Dawson. She said no… but I still had taken this picture of her bad angle, in which she doesn’t look like Rosario Dawson. So there goes her potential acting career. 

5 Minutes after my birthday. Hanging with some of the Shab00ty Dynasty. Thanks to Lonnie at Vivid Cabaret NYC for the always interesting and infinitely good times.

NYC 10
Some Comedy Central swag I brought home–this is a Brickleberry+Pharrell Hat. Cool, right?

NYC 12
That’s my back on the right side of this pic… and people are staring at me as I take a shot out of a woman’s high-heel shoe. Don’t even begin to ask. It was simply birthday innocence, okay? Lolz. I seem to be entertaining everyone at least. FYI: it was that bar’s tradition and I was just being a good sport!

B-Day Love:

Farewell until NEXT YEAR!


Why @ByronCrawford Has Had The Best Week Ever (Or At Least The Best Last 48-Hours…)

Why Byron Crawford Has Had The Best Week Ever (Or At Least The Best Last 48-Hours…)

First of all, his cardboard box-riddled eye has magically healed. Just kidding, I have no idea how his eye is doing.

In the just last 48 hours, these things have happened for writer/hip-hop blogger Byron Crawford: The front-man for The Black Keys (Dan-”I hope he has a google-alerts set up for his name”-Auerbach) gave him a historic shot out in the paper of record, The New York Times [as seen above].

His former employer XXL Magazine went from treating him like a pariah to giving him promotion…

…of his new book: Kanye West Superstar–which is now available for pre-order on paperback and e-book. Cover seen below:

Side note 1:

I remember like 3-or-so years ago, I was visiting my sister in NYC and even she was aware of my–I’m not sure if affinity is the proper wording, but rather my being “fond of a cohort” (nullus)–is what I prefer to call it. Lol. Internally, I was like, “how the fu*k do you know that I like reading his stuff???” A blogger that professes to sitting around in his underwear all day, waiting for his “It’s Miller Time,” reminder to go off on his Obama phone. Kidding (yet #FactsOnly at the same time). Anyways, he’s come a long way.

Side note 2:

My best friend IRL (in real life–let’s call him KP) is unemployed, and he too is writing a book like Bol.
I think it’s like a ghetto long-read version of ‘The Motley Fool’ website. Except I am not quite sold on his motivations. I think his impetus for writing HIS book is so when he meets fat chicks on Plenty of Fish (Whales), he has a decent enough wrap for them–that he’s writing a book (and not a loser). The question is, who has their life together more… the unemployed guy who is Carmen Sandi-Negro traveling the country on his unemployment money, or me, whom is the hard-working friggin’ homebody. If you listen to Howard Stern, he hates to travel. He’s happy at home tooling away on his iMac. I’m the same way. I have no problems being a shut-in. Haha. Anyway, I just wanted an excuse to say “Carmen Sandi-Negro.” I’m done! Go cop those books when they come out.


Anthony from Opie And Anthony Goes on Racist Tirade on Twitter About A Black Lady: “They Aren’t People”!

Anthony from Opie And Anthony Goes on Racist Tirade on Twitter About A Black Lady: “They Aren’t People”!

Welp, his SiriusXM contract is up this year and it looks like it’s not being renewed. Wah.


Lavell Crawford aka Huell From Breaking Bad: Made The “50 Most Stylish Fat Guys” List

Lavell Crawford aka Huell From Breaking Bad: Made The “50 Most Stylish Fat Guys” List

Here’s a pro-tip to any celebrity…if you follow me on twitter, I will blog about you. Hi, Lavell!

So yesterday, I had a couple people follow me on twitter, so let me use this opportunity to give them a shout out:

Alicia Witt — redheaded actress and singer. I saw her in The Sopranos which I am now watching on Amazon Instant Video. And the next thing I know, we’re twitter BFFs.

And Emily Schromm from Real World DC — now she’s a crossfit coach and a bunch of other stuff. But namely, hot:

Crossfit Emily

And what’s good to the big homie Ryan Phillippe –whom needs to retweet me again soon, ’cause when he did before in the past, a bunch of VERIFIED models favorited my tweet. Like these are mainstream successful models that follow his every word and retweet. Must be nice! Anyways… just a day in the world of yours truly.

Alicia Witt!


I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. Perez Hilton has been blogging for about 9 years… just to put my 10,000 hours into better perspective.


Picture of The @Penthouse Real Doll The Howard Stern Show Twitter Account Tweeted (Then Deleted?)

Picture of The @Penthouse Real Doll The Howard Stern Show Twitter Account Tweeted (Then Deleted?)

Reasons why my blog is the best Stern show related blog… I unearth things like this for you guys, and this:

Also, not sure why the Stern Show twitter/homepage deleted the 1st picture that was posted early this morning. But who cares, cause we still have it… let’s DO IT LIVE (as Bill O’Reilly would say).


Don’t Be Jelly… #OITNB #Pennsatucky

tarynmanning___TarynManning__has_sent_you_a_direct_message_on_Twitter__-_shahabs_gmail_com_-_Gmail 2
Don’t Be Jelly… #OITNB #Pennsatucky

Long story short, Pennsatucky is my homegirl. She showed up in my dream the other night… I told her the plot of the dream (which I am willing to share to you guys if someone specifically asks), and then, she sent me the above Direct Message. Don’t be jelly!

SITNB: $ha is the new B00ty!

Just for the record… I think I am on Season 2, Episode 11…or 12. I lost track, but that is very near the end. Don’t spoil it!


Officially Putting Jen Kirkman on Notice

Officially Putting Jen Kirkman on Notice

Jen Kirkman is some unfunny failed comedian that no one in (or outside of) the comedy world has ever heard of… she was busy spamming a trending topic (hashtag) on twitter in an attempt to garner attention. I goofed on her with a gentle jab, and then she sent her twitter lynch-mob after me. Guys like this douchebag.
Here’s a pro-tip (she follows Howard Stern and JD Harmeyer on twitter); you’re never gonna get booked on the Stern show. I tried watching one of your comedy routines in an attempt to figure out who you were, and you couldn’t even maintain my attention–it wasn’t even blatantly obvious that were doing stand up comedy, aside from the huge Laugh Factory sign behind you (thanks for that visual cue). It was that bad. So go back to your well of obscurity, and come back in 10,000 hours–maybe by then you’ll have an ounce of recognizable talent.