2 Broke Girls: Bev. Hills Dine & Dashers Leave Restaurant in Epic Catfight!

2 Broke Girls: Bev. Hills Dine & Dashers Leave Restaurant in Epic Catfight!

This is the best video ever. The end where the girl is walking away with a broken high heel, dragging along, is the best!

Basically the hoodrat chick wasn’t trying to pay for the hot model-looking chick’s dinner and it ended up in some heated words out on the street… after the restaurant showed them the door. Or rather it was likely a dine and dash, where they showed themselves the door while ignoring the lingering bill. Lol.


Big-Breasted NYC Actress Immersed in Hidden Cat-Call Viral Video Proves The Thirst Is Very Real!

Big-Breasted NYC Actress Immersed in Hidden Cat-Call Viral Video Proves The Thirst Is Very Real!

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman.

That right there my friends is the OPPOSITE of a black man’s kryptonite!

While it is in fact harassment … the other side of the coin is most men’s lives, which is you’re basically INVISIBLE. And based on Instagram where 99% of “models” and “actresses” are posting selfies once a day, it’s obvious the human psyche enjoys the attention a lot more than the invisibility. Just saying!!!


Jennifer Lawrence Makes 1st Public Appearance Since iCloud Pics, Hangs Head Down In Shame!

Jennifer Lawrence Makes 1st Public Appearance Since iCloud Pics, Hangs Head Down In Shame!

Jennifer Lawrence exits Coldplay Concert After Party from date with Chris Martin at Ace Hotel LA.

I just checked, and based on this video, she still has a smoking hot body. She’s now AAA-list! She’s soo fappening.


Shabooty Interview Series: Mallory Thompson (DESTINY)

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Shabooty Interview Series: Mallory Thompson (DESTINY)

Destiny is the AAA-title of the year from Bungie, the makers of Halo! It came out last Tuesday and I have found it to be very addicting and fun–replacing my Diablo 3 addiction. With the only thing prying me away from the game being this interview.

Prior to the release of the game, Bungie/Activision released what is the hottest Live-Action trailer for a video game ever created. This trailer stars a Warlock, a Titan, and a Hunter–the game’s 3 classes. I had a chance to interview Destiny’s Warlock, played by stuntwoman & fitness model, Mallory Thompson. Here’s our Shabooty Interview along with EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes photos from the Destiny shoot you won’t find anywhere else!

Shabooty: What video game related shoots have you worked on?
Mallory Thompson: In terms of live-action commercials, I have worked on Destiny and Call of Duty. I also perform as a motion capture actress for in-game animations, such as Call of Duty Black Ops II and The Order 1886. There are a few games in the works that I can’t talk about, but they are going to be huge!

What is your guesstimation on the budget of the Destiny commercial?
I don’t know the budget of the commercial, but I do know they spent close to 500 million developing and promoting the game. Considering the travel, far-out locations, and the amazing work of Digital Domain, it was obvious that they didn’t spare any expense to make this the best video game trailer.

Were there people from Bungie there, guiding the director?
Bungie made the right choice with Joseph Kosinski. He is brilliant action director. Together, they brought this game to life. The Bungie animators were very helpful with showing us movement and specifics of the in-game animations. We wanted to replicate the animations as best as possible, so the animators were key in those decisions.

Did you know the game was gonna be huge before you got the gig?
Yes! This game has been highly anticipated. Since I work in this world, I have heard the buzz about this one for a while. When I got the call for this job, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to become Warlock.

You also do stunts? What actresses’ stunt doubles have you been?
Yes, I have been a professional stuntwoman for 5 years, it goes hand in hand with motion capture and action acting gigs. I have doubled Courtney Cox, Jennifer Garner, Ashley Judd, Troian Bellasario, and many more. I am currently working on Paranormal Activity 5.

What was your work on Django like?
I loved working on Django! Quentin Tarantino’s scripts always provide plenty of work for stunt performers. Quentin is such a gifted director and is always pushing the envelope. I was lucky enough to work with him again on From Dusk Till Dawn as a Culebra in the Pandemonium episode.

How many hours are you in the gym daily?
I spend at least an hour in the gym everyday along with a very active lifestyle. My job is very physically demanding whether I am fitness modeling or doing stunts.

You do yoga?
Yes, yoga is a great way for me to refocus and recover after a long week of a physically demanding schedule.

Are you a Howard Stern fan?
Yes, I love that Howard Stern unapologetically speaks his mind. He challenges the status quo and is hilarious in doing so.

How did you achieve the status of a Wilhelmina model?
I have been an athlete all my life, I was a gymnast, pole vaulter, rock climber and triathlete. Working as a stunt-woman I met many photographers on set and began building a portfolio. I was asked to represent certain fitness companies and eventually found myself at the Wilhelmina agency in New York City. They are the top fitness modeling agency and I am happy to be a part of their team.

Can you kick Ray Rice’s ass?
No comment.

Mallory Thompson can be found on:
Twitter | Instagram | Website | Sizzle Reel | IMDb | Wilhelmina

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Photography by Viki Chan