PSA (Persian Service Announcement): @MazJobrani’s New Comedy Special/DVD is now on NETFLIX

PSA (Persian Service Announcement): Maz Jobrani’s New Comedy Special/DVD is now on NETFLIX

I post this because I really need Maz Jobrani to get more and more famous for my own good. Right now, all chicks wanna date are black guys. I am still seen as the infidel. What, an infidel can’t have “good dick?” Also, I am funny. Yet, a middle eastern-American guy is a pariah to a white chick. Oh yeah, I could get a middle eastern chick, but opposites attract, so get me a white chick please. I mean, common now. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to watch Maz’ new special: I Come in Peace. I’ve seen him live and I will be watching this on Netflix this weekend. But unfortunately probably not with a white chick.


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