Shabooty: Add me on PSN! #PS4 #GreatnessAwaits

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Shabooty: Add me on PSN! #PS4 #GreatnessAwaits

Hello everyone,

Yes, the PS4 is out, yes, I had preordered back in June. Yes, my expectations were through the roof. Yes, I went a little crazy and pre-ordered 4 games. I’ve only had a chance to play Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Resogun. But here is the point I am trying to make: PS4 has met and exceeded my expectations. Sony really got things right. I think my only complaint is — I wish I had more free-time to play this thing. But lucky for me, I have all weekend.

Anyways, I didn’t have PS3, so I am a newfound Sony fanboy. As such, I JUST joined PSN aka Playstation Network. And I need new buddies to play with (nullus homo). Here is my User ID:


Please add me – friend me – and let’s GET IT ON!


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