Reminder: Cop That New @ByronCrawford Book: #NASLOST | (#Shabooty #BookClub)

Reminder: Cop That New @ByronCrawford Book: #NASLOST | (#Shabooty #BookClub)

I was gonna post this the day the book came out which was this Tuesday, but I was over in Pentagon City, checking out tha homie YoBigBrotha’s new pad. It was quite coonerific (not his pad, but the night overall) — we stopped off at 7-11 so he could pick up some sliced watermelon on the go (black people). They had no forks however, so he instead used a straw as a fork. Then, we went to an Irish bar and I had wings (continuing the coonery), and then of course, ended up at a sports bar, where he got nachos. Our waitress at the latter place was this short hispanic looking lesbian chick with a shitty moehawk. I had to cut out by 11 PM in order to catch the train. The shitty DC metro system is sorta pointless on Sundays to Thursdays since it closes at midnight on those days. So that’s what I was busy doing, otherwise, I would have been home making a post on how you need to cop Bol’s new book, Nas Lost. I read it in whole. It was a great read. I would even go far as saying you need to pick up a TABLET just for it, in case you’re too broke and don’t yet own a tablet. It’s that good.


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