Lauren Bennett Shabooty Interview #PartyRock (Interscope)

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Lauren Bennett Shabooty Interview #PartyRock (Interscope)

Wow, what a cluster fluck. Here’s the deal. First and foremost, if you want a youtube video of yours crawled well into the youtube search results, it has to have views.
I had a video with about 5,000 views. It’s actually the video above (sorta). Let me explain. The video with 5,000 views was flagged – Content ID claim [match], by Universal Music Group for using their video (in my video). Basically, the audio was the phone interview I did with Lauren Bennett [singer – Interscope Records], and the video portion was their muted music video on a loop, so you had something to watch, along with some pictures, I inserted.

Youtube has a thing called ‘Youtube Partners’. And the perks mainly are that you get to make a cool, customized thumbnail image on your videos (that usually garners more clicks and views). I was told this feature is now opened up to the masses of youtubers and partners. But in order to enable it, you cannot have any ‘Content ID’ claim notifications on any of your videos. So what I did was I took the 5,000 views video, and white-washed edited the video portion and now have it as a new video, and deleted the original video with all of the views. This in my mind meant two things: becoming a full-featured youtube partner with custom thumbnails, and b) just as importantly, no more positive Content ID/complaints.

Here’s what ended up happening after going through all of that trouble: I obviously lost the 5,000 views on the original video. And now, Google is saying: Custom Thumbnails — Your account is not eligible at this time.

WTF, what do you mean I’m not eligible at this time???

So, all of that for NOTHING! Sigh. Anyways, the reason I am posting this video above (really just think of it as an audio/phoner interview), is so I can get it some views to jump-start it being crawled back into youtube. Sigh! The #Illuminati always wins, folks.

If it makes you feel any better, here are A TON OF HOT PICS OF LAUREN BENNETT.

As a reminder, she’s the hot British chick in the LMFAO Party Rock Anthem song. The funny part is, she sounds like Adele but looks like a smoking hot model. Lolz.

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett


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