.@ByronCrawford’s New Book Just Dropped: Infinite Crab Meats

Byron Crawford’s New Book Just Dropped: Infinite Crab Meats

I don’t read books. I’ve read 1.5 Chuck Palahniuk books. I’ve read 3.5 Max Barry books. And 1 Artie Lange book. The .5 means I get half way through a book, then lose interest and stop reading. And Max Barry is my favorite author. LOL. Oh, I’ve also read 2 or 3 Malcolm Gladwell books. But honestly, that’s it. And the last book I read? That was Byron Crawford’s first book (Mindset of a Champion). It came out last year and it was pretty short, but a great read. Since then, I’ve read the autobiography of Jack Schitt aka nothing.

The point in all of this is that Bol aka Byron Crawford just released his second book. It’s called Infinite Crab Meats. An ode to Rick Ross, if you will. I am already about 1/3rd the way through, and it’s hard to put down. I still haven’t gotten to the chapter in which he goofs on Rap Genius, but I know it’s coming. Spoiler Alert — Bol somehow managed to write a chapter about an average looking white chick with giant cans, he fancies on Tumblr. Detailing her hardships of instant internet fame, having her youtube account deleted for being too risque, lying about being in a car accident and setting up a PayPal donations account, only to have it terminated (probably for fraud). He’s right. He knows what’s interesting. Semi-attractive train-wreck white chicks with luscious cans are interesting. It’s just not every writer that has the ability to pull out those morsels or nuggets of info (the same way the same chick would pull out a cadre of items out of her bra, Peggy Bundy style). Anyways, I’ve just sort of spoiled one chapter, but the good thing about having infinite crab meats at your disposal, is that where there’s one nugget or morsel, there are way more, ready to be digested.

So buy it now, it’s only $3.00 on Amazon Kindle — (I am currently reading it on the Kindle app on my iPhone, but I think you can find it for iBooks, and it’s also avail. on paperback — which is a big step.
It’s the equivalent of a bum-rapper, shooting his music videos for the first time on a RED camera. Not everyone has those means and know-how.

If you’re looking for other formats of getting a hold of the book…

Go here.


I am also proud to say I was mentioned once in the book — in the chapter that was goofing on Wall-E aka Wale.


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