Shabooty Interview Series: @TashaReign (Breaking Bad XXX)

Tasha Reign - Shabooty Interview Series
Shabooty Interview Series: @TashaReign (Breaking Bad XXX)

Tasha Reign is the star of the Breaking Bad pr0n0 parody, and she’s taking the adult industry by storm (reign storm). She is now making her own movies on —  with its own distribution deal. She recently lost her on film butt-hymen, and she needs to hurry up and marry me. It’s a Walter White Christmas, folks! 

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Shabooty: With a last name like rain, you must be a squirter?
Tasha Reign: Oh my god, that’s so random that you’d put those two things together. No, I was a stripper at a club called Silver Reign, and that was one of my first jobs and I was 19 and I was working there and I just thought it was a cool title for a club, and I was like, “oh, I’ll just put that in my name.”

How did you get your start in the business?
I always wanted to pose naked in front of the camera, I didn’t necessarily know I wanted to do hardcore sex, but I for sure wanted to be naked. Without question. I was dancing at a club, and I started going up to the Playboy Mansion on the weekends to party, and I gave my photos to Hef. and I was tested for playmate but I got Cyber Girl instead, and College Girls, and Fresh Faces, and all these Playboy magazines, but then I was like this isn’t going anywhere that I want it to go, so I was watching p0rn and I was like, “you know, what? I want to be an adult performer. — If I am gonna do this, I need to do it now, I’m 21 years old (this is 2 years ago), and this is what I really wanna do.” I just researched Tori Black and big name girls and they all went through LA Direct Models’ agency, so I went there, and I just started doing p0rn.

How long have you been doing it?
Two years.

Where did you grow up?
California… Laguna Beach in Orange Country.

Were you a fan of The Hills and those MTV shows?
My junior year of high school I did the show Laguna Beach. I was on the third season. And so I obvs. wasn’t a “fan,” since I was ON the show, right? Lol. That was my junior year when I was 16. And that was really fun, but that seems like a really long time ago since I am 23 now. That was the first time I was in front of the camera, but obvs. doing something a little different.

When you went to the Playboy Mansion, don’t tell me you slept with Pauly Shore of all people. He hits on everyone.
No. No way. You’re right, he does hit on people, it’s really awkward.

What do you think about guys on twitter with c0ck avatars?
I wanna know how they get away with it, because I got flagged on Instagram and I didn’t even have anything out, not even a boob, nothing. But I don’t have a problem with it. I love c0ck. I have no problem with the picture, as long as it’s a nice one. I’m used to it. It’s my target audience, right?

Have you seen those pr0ns with the pizza and the hole in the middle for the pizza box? And the dick in the middle?
I mean I’ve seen stills from it. And I mean I troll the internet and google and read and I like to see what’s out there and I try to see what other types of pr0n there’s out there besides the stuff I do, but yeah no, it’s probably not something I would be getting booked for anytime soon. My agent is really particular about the stuff I do, and I don’t really see him pushing me into a video with a pizza hole, and I don’t like the food anyway, mixed with c0ck, that sounds gross! I don’t know about food and all of the orifices together, unless it’s like whipped cream or cupcakes and sugar — that’s different.

Would you ever work at The Moonlight Bunny Ranch?
I mean to each is own, whatever floats your boat. I look at myself as an adult film actress and an adult model, and that’s just not something that I would wanna do. But I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with it. Whatever people wanna do, they should be able to do as they please and have as many choices as they want.

What haven’t you done on film yet? That you’re holding off on?
I just did my first anal scene last month with Peter North for my site. And it was really fun, but I haven’t done any anal since then, so I know that’s something that I really wanna do and I want people to love my anal scenes, I just haven’t done anything other than that one scene. I haven’t done DPs, I haven’t done multiple guys other than one for my site. Two boys and me, but just in the vag, and I haven’t done a lot. I wanna do tons of stuff, but I haven’t done it because it’s only been two years and I like to wait for a time when I feel confident and comfortable to do something. Now I think I’m ready to do something else, like more anal or who knows what else, I’m excited.

Are you gonna get into interracial?
I mean maybe – it’s not off-limits. I never like saying I’m not gonna do something because I am open-minded and I like to experiment and to do things I haven’t done before. I don’t see why I wouldn’t if the right opportunity came up, I absolutely would do it. I don’t think anything’s wrong with it, I just personally — it’s sometimes with racial issues with society, I dunno if you’ve every watched IR videos, but they have to do a lot with racism and it just bothers me. I don’t think it’s wrong, I just haven’t found the company or the time to make the video that I would choose to make with it. It’s not something I wouldn’t do, I just haven’t found the right opportunity yet.

Who are your best friends in the business?
Brooklyn Lee and Spencer Scott are my two best friends.

Have you ever done a green screen porno?
I did one called Hawkman XXX and I went to Japan to do something called Super Girl, and one about a night hawk. And the whole thing was in front of a green screen and they use CGI — kinda cool.

When do you plan to retire and marry rich?
I think you’re projecting. Lol. I wanna fall in love with somebody and when I do and decide I want to commit to somebody,  by then I will probably be tapped out of the business and ready to have babies. When I am ready to get married and do all of that, I think I will be saying goodbye to being in front of the camera, just because that will be a new chapter you know. And right now, I am just kinda having fun — I am only 23, I just wanna party and have a good time.

Did you hook up with chicks, pre-p0rn?
I def. experimented with girls, before I did pr0n, and I think that they’re hot and beautiful, and I love having sex with them. So it just kinda came natural to me to hook up with them on camera.

Could you ever be in a relationship with a woman?
No, I like the boys when it comes to relationships – I do. I am boy crazy all the time. Every time I go out with my girlfriends, I am chatting up all the guys around me, and looking for hot guys to hook up with. I just feel like for me personally, I would want to be in a relationship with a guy.

You date guys in or out of the business?
It’s not a set of rules – I have dated one person in the business and I dated him for a little over a year and now, I am single and ready to mingle.

So, is it true Peter North shoots ROPES? Is that a turn on?
He really does. I think it’s masculine and sexy to be able to f*ck a girl for an hour with a rock hard huge penis, and shoot ropes, sure.

He’s too old and nasty now, but would you work with Ron Jeremy?
I would not work with Ron Jeremy, but it’s not because he’s too old and nasty, I have never been asked to work with Ron Jeremy before.

Do you believe in pretty vaginas and ugly vaginas or are they all pretty to you?
I think everyone has their own taste when it comes to penis size, vagina shape, genitalia in general. That’s why you have your own p0rn girl that you’re a fan of. Probably some of it has to do with her tight pink pussy. I am a fan of my vagina and I like different types. There’s def. different ones and I think being in p0rn really enables you to understand that all of them look so different, and it just has to do with how you’re born and your genetics and what your pussy looks like.

If you had ROAST BEEF CURTAINS, would you consider a labiaplasty?
No – I would never wanna risk any pleasure source in my pussy. You know, having implants already, is risking nipple sensation. And lucky for me, I can still totally feel my boobs and my nipples and especially when I am turned on, you can see that in videos. But the most important part about sex for me, is the vagina and I’m not gonna risk anything to accidentally hurt it! I did get my boobs done though, two and a half years ago, and my doctor did a pretty good job!

How do you keep jizz from stinging your eye?
The only trick would be to close your eyes. But I don’t like to close my eyes, so it’s kind of pure luck… the guys are trained and Peter North has had decades of experience. He knows how to do a pop shot without getting it into your eye intentionally. Obvs there could be a mistake; so what, even if that happens is that really the end of the world? Pop shot and some come in your eye? That’s part of sex. You might get come in your hair or in your pussy or in your eye. I dunno, you have to take your risks every time you enter the arena, so for me, I looked up at him and took it like a champ, and he is just notorious for such a big load that I am sure that I was a little bit shocked, but nothing got in my eye, but it def. got on my face, though.

What celebs would you bang on sight?
Sure, if I saw 50 Cent or Channing Tatum, I would wanna have a boy-boy-girl scene with them. Right away. Oh my god, I love him and 50 Cent, they make a perfect combination.

Next projects you’re working on?
I recently started my website, I make all of that content and I signed a distribution deal, so I’ve been making movies, and this month my third movie comes out called ‘Girly Girls Like it Rough‘ and it comes out the middle of the month and I am beyond excited. I get most excited about the things that I get to do on my own like this, so that’s what I am really looking forward to. But also, hopefully more anal… take it like a champ in the butt!

How tall are you?
I am 5’5″ – 110 lbs. 24-34-32D.

Hey now…. Thanks TASHA! <3

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