This Happened. @mophie @sprint @mophiesupport

This Happened. @mophie @sprint @mophiesupport

This morning my Mophie battery/case for my iPhone4S broke. Now I look online and there are scores of people that had the same problem as me… the mini usb connector breaks off. Mine broke off and I had it less than a year…4-5 months.

During my lunch break, I put in Sprint Store and my area into Apple Maps (google maps replacement). And it takes me to…: a dead end with trees. Yes, really.

I plug in the address I found in google this time, into the maps and it takes me to the store… about 15-20 mins away. I go there, and say I need the same mophie/battery case that I have. So she rings me up around $80+ bucks. I drive 20 or so mins back to my work area and get in the parking lot, open the mophie and my eyes are in horror. It wasn’t a NEW mophie case, it had been used…as in already having wear and tear on the corners, scratches, and it was dirty inside. I almost had a panic attack. I hate being hustled. I call the store and the same girl that sold me the case and I tell her wtf is going on and say I am coming back there right now. She says okay. I drive 20 mins back to the store. And show them this case, and the manager was waiting for me. He looks at it and says that’s not the one we sold you…and I go wtf why would I lie…here’s my old one with the USB connector broken off. This one you sold me is a used piece of s. So after he saw I was not dicking around he ultimately opens another one and pulls it out and eventually relents and gives me a new mophie…the one I just paid over 80bucks for. Basically though they were treating me like I was a crook. Drive back 20 mins to work. HEATED. This isn’t some happy ending or some happy story. It’s bullshit. F. Apple, F. Sprint, and F. Mophie.


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