Shabooty Interview Series: @TAYLORVIXEN Twisty’s Treat of The Year 2012 [PODCAST]

Shabooty Interview Series: TAYLOR VIXEN Twisty’s Treat of The Year 2012 [PODCAST]

I just have to make a random aside comment. Now of course my friends know me and know what I do… but I always run into trouble when it comes to “friend’s of friends.” …Translation, they’re retards. The other weekend I was hanging out with my friend and my friend’s friend, and I show him the picture of Taylor Vixen’s signed headshot to me (shabooty). And this clown goes, “is she even real?” Like as if I printed out an 8×10 headshot, then signed it “TO SHABOOTY <333,” (essentially to myself) and then took a photo of it, and posted it on my blog as an unhumble brag. Some people are fu*king retarded. So translation: yes, Taylor Vixen is real. How dare you!!! Even her boobs are real. Here’s our REAL interview — in podcast form:

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