.@HannibalBuress Talks Ecstasy with Eric Andre +1

.@HannibalBuress Talks Ecstasy with Eric Andre +1

I guess here’s my only question… why is Hannibal Buress, Eric Andre’s weed-carrier when Eric Andre should be Hannibal Buress’ weed-carrier. I only say that because I’ve never watched the Eric Andre show on Comedy Central, and I know they give Hannibal Buress bit parts on it (or full acting parts?), but I’m just saying, it should be the Hannibal Buress Show, and then Eric Andre should be carrying bit parts/dub sacks of Hannibal’s weed is alls I’m saying. ‘Cause I dunno Eric Andre from a hole in the wall. Besides, the coming to fruition of a comedian’s career (or is it coming of age?), is getting an appearance on the Howard Stern Show, and the only way that Hannibal has come to relevancy without having to be on the Stern show IMO is that he has the hip-hop connection on lock and he knows the cool hip-hop bloggers (like yours truly). So therefore, if you can’t get in with the hip-hop bloggers and you can’t get in with the Stern Show, you of course can still have a profound comedy career, I’m just saying though, that your fans will be lame ass CAC-douches. The latter of which is the male equivalent of grown up teenie-bopper cunts. I rest my face.


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