Should @MissToriBlack’s Baby Be Taken Away?

Should @MissToriBlack’s Baby Be Taken Away?

TMZ reported yesterday that Tori Black (Michelle Chapman), and her fiance got in a scuffle after she stumbled in drunk to her hotel room, and Tori was dismayed to find out they didn’t have enough baby formula for her 5 month old baby. And you can’t feed the baby a white-russian, so fisticuffs occurred, naturally.

But according to her own press release on AVN, she says that they didn’t fight, only walls were punched and it wasn’t over the lack of baby formula, but rather that she was black-out drunk and her fiance was afraid she’d roll over and suffocate the baby.

My point is, I almost feel like the TMZ story was less harsh, than the truth!

So we ask, should Tori Black’s baby be taken away? And should she stop writing her own press releases?

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