How U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work [NYTimes]

How U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work [NYTimes]

Wow, this was the best NYTimes article I have read in MONTHS. One job I know that won’t be sent to China are the jobs of one CHARLES DUHIGG, and KEITH BRADSHER. They’re the authors of this NYTimes exposé, which I have block quoted below.

Not long ago, say 5-10 years ago, when I saw a cheap gold and black ‘MADE IN CHINA’ sticker on a product, I laughed to myself. I was like, “wow, this must be a piece of shit product.” ‘Made in America’ was the gold standard, and China was a JOKE. Now a days, the manufacturing jobs are gone to China, and Mexico, and the Philippines, and we Americans are now what was the equivalent of that shitty ‘MADE IN CHINA’ sticker/benchmark of a few years ago.

This article explains how that happened, and why there is no turning back now. Esp. for technology/manufacturing companies.


And here’s that article:

(NYTimes) | When Barack Obama joined Silicon Valley’s top luminaries for dinner in California last February, each guest was asked to come with a question for the president.

But as Steven P. Jobs of Apple spoke, President Obama interrupted with an inquiry of his own: what would it take to make iPhones in the United States?

Not long ago, Apple boasted that its products were made in America. Today, few are. Almost all of the 70 million iPhones, 30 million iPads and 59 million other products Apple sold last year were manufactured overseas.

Why can’t that work come home? Mr. Obama asked.

Mr. Jobs’s reply was unambiguous. “Those jobs aren’t coming back,” he said, according to another dinner guest.

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How U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work [NYTimes]


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