Shabooty Interview Series: Nikki Delano (American Dad! XXX)

Shabooty Interview Series: Nikki Delano (American Dad XXX)
Shabooty Interview Series: Nikki Delano (American Dad! XXX)

If there is an AVN category for ‘Best New Latina Starlet,’ then Nikki Delano takes the cake. She’s new in the game, yet she’s making seismic waves. And depending on her performance, she just might get me to start watching American Dad! For animated series research purposes. And besides, considering how Seth MacFarlane is a known poon-hound, I am sure he’s already a fan. If not, he will be after he reads this!

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Shabooty: Does Delano mean anything in Spanish?
Nikki Delano: I lived in Miami and Miami to me is very cultural — I’m Spanish and it kind of derives from me living in Miami, ’cause Delano comes from Miami. The name’s kinda catchy.

You represent Miami more or New York?
I would say New York because I was born and raised in New York City. I was living there for most of my life. So it’d have to be Brooklyn, New York. I love Miami, don’t get me wrong. I lived there for a little while and it’s the best place to live.

Is there a specific section of Brooklyn you represent?
Williamsburg, [Brooklyn].

The hipsters section?
Well it’s crazy because when I first moved there, I was younger, it was really kind of ghetto, but it actually evolved into like a hippy, SOHO [Manhattan] feel to it.

Yeah, one day in the future I wanna check it out cause that’s where I hear it’s very artsy (no brokeback).
Very artsy. I miss it though, I miss it. Cause here, LA’s nice, the weather’s nice, but New York is a city. It’s a city-feel.

You don’t have to drive everywhere.
Oh my god, I actually miss taking the train. When I lived in New York, I hated the train. And now that I’m here I’m like, “oh, I miss the train so bad.”

But if you got on the train right now, wouldn’t you get harassed?
In New York, you know New York is so big. It’s so big. Even when I lived there and I wasn’t doing p0rn, I’d still get harassed, cause there’s all these people who act a fool, but New York is so big, you see everybody on the train, it’s not a big deal.

How did you get your start in the business?
I had just graduated college and I was modeling. A scout from Brazzers contacted me. I always wanted to do p0rn. It’s kind of weird, I love p0rn. And I was always curious about it, but I was a little bit skeptical. But after speaking to the scout, I was like, “um, I’m not sure… I’ll give it a shot.” They flew me down to Miami and I shot a solo scene, I shot a boy-girl scene, and a girl-girl scene. And after that, I was like, “hell f*cking yeah, it’s so easy!” Haha. So yeah, that’s how I started.

And how long ago was that?
I started Feb 7th, [2011]. About six months.

Oh okay, so you’re fairly new!

In your private life, are you Bi-sexual?
I am bi-. I like both girls and guys. So for me, on camera, having sex with a girl and having sex with a guy is very… it’s easy for me. It’s not anything new.

As far as guys you date, do you have a preference in terms of race or type?
A lot of people know me for loving men with big muscles. I have a fetish for guys who look like juice-heads. I dunno, I just like that… that “Jersey Shore” appeal. But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t date outside of that category, but I just like guys with muscles.

Are you more into White guys, or Black guys, or Hispanic guys?
I like all… I don’t have a category. I love Spanish guys, I like Black guys, I like White guys. I haven’t dated any Asian guys so I don’t know, other than that, I’m open to all guys.

Speaking of Jersey Shore, are you a fan of the show?
Oh, of course. But I’ve missed two episodes already cause I was traveling, so I’m like, “f*ck!” And then tonight, I won’t be able to watch it so I’m like, “damn, I’m missing my show!” I’m about to go on youtube and frigging watch it on youtube. Hehe.

Out of the guys, who’s your favorite cast member?
You know what, it’s funny, I like juice-heads like Ronnie’s really muscular, but as far as his attitude, his attitude f*cking stinks! I like Pauly and Vinny. Cause The Situation, he’s kind of arrogant, and I don’t like arrogant people, and Pauly and Vinny are just cool, down to earth. They’re cute and they’re down to earth.

Out of Pauly D or Vinny, if you had to bang one, who’d be your first pick?
It would be Vinny because he reminds me of my first boyfriend. Just like his facial features, even though my first boyfriend was Ecuadorian, but Vinny looks like him. So I would go with Vinny.

I’m gonna tell him you said that cause I’m actually cool with him (and Pauly).
Oh, cool. The thing with Pauly, I wanna take a lawn mower and mow his hair down, cause that’s just too high. Lol.

Yeah, I’m scared what Pauly would look like if he had male-pattern baldness in the future.
I think he would be cute with [his head] shaved, not like bald, but a little bit of hair. Short. I think it would look cute on him.

It’s funny though, because if they come up in an interview I do, I’ll send them the interview to get their reactions. They get a kick out of it.
That’s so funny, but yeah, Vinny is the cutest.

Who are your female friends in the business?
I have so many… Missy Martinez, Kitty Kelley, Adrianna Luna, there are so many girls, I don’t wanna name everybody but that’s the gist of it.

But who do you see on a regular basis?
You know what it is, some of my close friends, they come into town and they leave. They don’t live in LA. Like Penelope Piper, I’m close with her, but she lives in South Carolina. And then Cathy Heaven, she lives in Hungary, I’m really close with her. But she lives in Hungary.

Was there a mentor, that showed you the ropes? (No Peter North).
Not really, no.

But have you done ANAL on film?
No, I suggest all new girls, they hold off on anal. Because that’s like a big thing. It’s a big extra-added thing to it. So I haven’t done it. Maybe in like a year and a half I’ll do it.

Yeah, I’ve heard that — where you wait, don’t give it all away at once.
Exactly, because the fans are gonna get tired of it. They’re gonna get tired of seeing you doing everything. If you go in doing anal, interracial, gang-bang, girl-girl, boy-girl, they’re gonna get tired of you.

Speaking of gang-bang, what’s the most that you’ve been with at once?
I haven’t done gang-bangs, either. I’m holding off on that also. I’ll do that down the line. Hehe. So threesome’s the most.

With two guys?
Well, two guys, and then with one guy and one girl.

And the two guys, you could handle it?
I could — they were both big. Chris Stroke, and Jordan Ash, they were both big. It was for Jules Jordan videos.

Since you’re from New York, are you a Howard Stern fan?
I am, of course I am. He’s so f*cking freaky. I’m freaky too, but… yeah, I love Howard Stern. His shows are hilarious and the girls oh my God, they’re so hot. Mmm.

If you were on his show, would you ride the sybian?
Of COURSE I would. Hahah. That’s not even a question to ask. That’s a given. That’s like common sense. If you go on there, of course you’re gonna ride it.

Would you ever get a FLESHLIGHT made of you?
Of course, that’s so hot. Def. that’s something I wanna get done.

It’s funny though, ’cause I’ll read a tweet from a p0rn chick and she’s like, “I just got my ass molded.” Haha.
It sounds funny, but when a guy is actually using it, it’s like a big fantasy of theirs. They’re actually f*cking the girl, but not really f*cking her, but [close enough!]

Do you go to the AVN Awards?
Well the AVNs was in January, I wasn’t around then, so this year I’ll be going to the AVNs.

Then you might be up for the Best New Starlet award, right?
I hope so. They did an article on me in the AVN, I had my own full page for this month.

But you don’t strike me as someone that’s new, because it seems like you already have a big fan base.
I don’t know, ya know what it is? I feel like my look is a bit different. I’m a bit more muscular, I’m not like body-builder type, but I’m a bit different. Plus, I’m a redhead. So there’s not that many redheads out there and I’m Spanish, I look white, but I’m not white. I’m Spanish. And also, I know how to network with people. Some of the girls are just in there and they just f*ck ya know, they don’t see it as a long term thing. For me, it’s more about building my website, and building my fan base.

Would you ever go to the Urban X Awards [The Black AVNs]?
There was an Urban X Awards that just passed. I wasn’t able to go because I was part of some comic book comedy show. So I wasn’t able to make it, but next year I’ll go.

Are you friends with Sara Jay?
I know Sara Jay, yes. I wanna hang out with her, hopefully one of these days we’ll be doing a wrestling shoot, because I wrestle also. And she wrestles, too. So one of these days we’ll be competing against each other.

I know she’s all about the Urban X Awards.
Yeah, she’s nice.

How often are you recognized in public?
Only a couple times. At a party, and when I went to a hotel this past week in Orlando. Not that many times though, only a couple. Ya know what it is? On camera I’m really dolled up, but in person I’m really down to earth, I’m always in sweats, I’m very sporty. I’m always wearing hats and stuff.

When a guy sees you at a hotel in Orlando, is he like, “oh shit, let me try to get in her pants,” or something?
No, not really, he couldn’t even talk, he was just like, he was in shock. He was in shock, yeah. He couldn’t even really talk to me.

Are you starting to do feature dancing?
I do feature dance. I haven’t been doing a lot of it cause I’ve been doing more shooting, but I do feature dance. I just did a p0rnstar road trip, the first week of July. We left out of Las Vegas, and we ended up in Chicago. And I feature danced in the midwest.

People in the midwest, probably aren’t used to girls that look like you, I imagine.
It’s crazy because some places in the midwest, are so against p0rn. They can tell you’re in p0rn, and plus, our RV gave it away. They were so rude to us, so f*cking rude. But at the ‘Bottom’s Up Lounge,’ oh my God. They were in LOVE with us. In love. Because over there, the girls don’t really take care of themselves, they’re a little bit chubby, and stuff. They feel comfortable in the farm life…

Do you speak Spanish in bed (in your private life)?
…Si, Papi…Puerto Rico…[*Spanish*]. Of course.

I bet guys request that.
Yeah, I’ve done a lot of Spanish videos for Naughty America, Latin Adultery, I’m always doing Spanish stuff. I love Spanish stuff, it’s fun. It’s different. It’s a different element. Guys go crazy over that shit.

You’re in the American Dad! XXX parody?
Yeah, I just finished shooting that in June. It should be released next month, American Dad! XXX parody. I play the role of a stripper. I worked with Evan Stone, and it was so much fun. So much fun. The box cover is out, so you can see the box cover and all the characters on it. They filmed it just like American Dad! With the alien, and everything.

What other projects do you have coming out?
As you know, my cover for Xcitement Magazine just came out on the 15th. I have another [feature] for Gentleman VIP Magazine. My website‘s coming out at the end of the month. I’ll be at Exxxotica LA. I can’t wait, I’m so excited. So excited to meet my fans. I’ve been to other conventions, but the LA one should be big. I’ll be at Exxxotica New Jersey. But the main thing, my website’s coming out. I’ve been working on it for the past four months, and I’ve been working on it really hard so, that’s a big thing for me. A big deal.

Thanks Nikki! Those are all of my questions.
Thank you for having me.

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