Shabooty Interview Series: LISA SPARXXX

Shabooty Interview Series: LISA SPARXXX
Shabooty Interview Series: LISA SPARXXX

Lisa Sparxxx is the premier adult actress out of Kentucky. She put the Houston500 to shame, she may or may not be related to Bubba Sparxxx (read to find out), and she loves!

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SHABOOTY: What are your thoughts on what happened in Japan?
Lisa Sparxxx: Well I woke up this morning to shock. But it’s tragic obviously. It stinks. That’s been happening quite a bit lately. Tsunamis I mean, it’s crazy. I don’t live anywhere near oceans anymore, since I don’t live in LA so thank-goodness. They lost a few people but ya know in Hawaii, it was okay over there and I think the west coast survived, so it’s all good. It is what it is. And earthquakes happen I guess. But it sucks.

I don’t know if you’re friends or not with Jenna Presley but she just tweeted, “I just heard about the hurricane in Japan”.
Oh wow… I must have missed that one.

I had to call her out on her #knowledgefail.
Hehe – yeah, a little bit. Hurricane, yeah not quite!

Is your last name, named after the rapper Bubba Sparxxx?
That’s funny because everybody always asks me that. And we are like distant, distant cousins that didn’t know it until several years later. He had it first but we know each other, we’re good friends.

Are you a fan of hip-hop?
Yeah, I like pretty much all music.

I was curious, are you a Brian Pumper fan?
I really don’t know him, I’ve never really worked with him. I think I’ve met him twice. I don’t really know that much about him.

The only reason I like asking that question is because sometimes I’ll interview a ‘starlet’ and they’ll say that he’s the only person on their “no list”.
Yeah, I hear that a lot but like I’ve said, I’ve never worked with him — don’t really know anything about him, so… who knows.

Since you’re a Kentucky girl, how often do you go to KFC?
I actually don’t like KFC, I think they’re too expensive. So I don’t go very often at all. I’m more of a Taco Bell gal.

You must have been saddened by the news that they allegedly had a substandard % of beef in their tacos?
Yeah, but I don’t eat the beef though, I eat chicken.

Hopefully the chicken is 100% chicken…
Yeah, right.

What is your specialty / what are you best known for?
Oh my goodness, I dunno, lots of things. I would venture to say it’s probably that I have the gang bang record, but who knows, I’m good at all kinds of stuff.

What was the # in the gang bang?
It was 919 – I broke the record in 2004. It’s been a while, it’s been several years.

Did you beat Houston’s record?
There was somebody after Houston from Europe that did it [broke the Houston record]. I think it was 745.

Are you a bigger Jersey Shore fan or Howard Stern Show fan (my two fav. shows)?
I don’t actually listen to either one. I don’t watch Jersey Shore and I don’t listen to Howard Stern. I don’t really listen to talk radio. I’ve been on Opie and Anthony before, so I’m probably more of an O&A fan.

Is there a TV show that is appointment television for you?
I have lots of TV shows that are appointment TV. My DVR is set every day of the week, so if there is something going on, I am a huge TV nut, so there is at least one or two TV shows, sometimes I’ll sit and watch all night, from 8 to 11, or 7 to 10 in my time zone. I’ll sit and watch whatever sitcom or whatever drama TV comes on. I’m a big fan of, I love BRAVO network. I love all of those Real Housewives of Miami and New York and Jersey and Atlanta and Beverly Hills — I love those, those make me laugh. They make me smile.

Would you ever be on a reality show?
It depends on what it was, sure. My life’s pretty crazy. People are always saying I should have my own show…

What about the Real Housewives of Kentucky?
Yeah no, I’m not quite as well off as those guys are, that do all of that stuff. So I don’t have all of those cool connections for all of those great parties and all of those fabulous things that they do in all of these other cities. I don’t have a husband who is independently wealthy and just lets me sit around and do nothing all day. We actually work for a living. Hehe.

What’s the next big project you’re promoting?
I’m always promoting my site [A Vivid Movie] sometime in 2011, it’s the biggest movie that I’ve ever been in, in the ten years that I’ve been in the business. It’s a feature, I get to act, and I got to work with Evan Stone, so that was awesome. So you know you’ve made it when you get to work with Evan Stone. So that’s probably the biggest thing I have going on for 2011, right now, who knows, stuff just comes up all the time.

You mentioned Evan Stone, who are your favorites to work with?
Shane Diesel was one of my favorite people in the world, in the business. So I love working with him, I haven’t seen him in a while. Ya know, Manuel Ferrara’s awesome, Evan’s awesome…

What about FEMALES?
I don’t do girls. Yep, 10 years. The Vivid movie will the first time you’ll see me in a scene with girls — where somebody’s doing something to me, but I’m still not doing something to them really.

That’s gonna be a first?
It’ll be the first time on film, yeah. It’ll be the first and last, how about that? That’ll be the only time you’ll ever see me.

I assume you don’t do girls off camera either…
No… I don’t like it. I like women, they’re great, but I don’t need to be into their body parts. I like boys.

Are there any other adult-actresses from Kentucky?
I think they’re several. I know Trisha Uptown lives here. Courtney Cummz lives near by. There’s several different ones. Right off the top of my head, from the same city I am from, Angelina Valentine I think is her name. She used to live here before, but now she lives in LA, but I think she has family here still. I know there are others… Memphis Monroe is from Louisville, so yeah I mean there’s a few.

Did you read the study that if men stare at a women’s boobs for 10 minutes a day lowers blood pressure and heart risks?
I could see that. I could see that being true. I’ve never read that but, I totally imagine that could possibly be true.

I’m under those assumptions as well!
I say everybody should stare at my boobs for 10 minutes a day.

I’m assuming [the 10 minutes] helps if that’s done in person.
Well yeah, typically, but if you can’t see me in person, you can always find the pictures of my boobs anywhere.

You can find Lisa at and on Twitter @Lisa_Sparxxx!


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  • @ Jenna_Sangria

    Great interview! Now I know Lisa Sparxxx likes CHICKEN. Nice :)

  • JB

    Lisa says that her upcoming Vivid movie is the first time she’s worked with another girl, yet on her website there’s like two or three videos of girls doing stuff to her and some still of her with Olivia O’Lovely.