EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Says Howard Stern Is Similar To Shabooty (SHABOOTY MENTION on Howard Stern Show 03-07-11)

SHABOOTY EXCLUSIVE: According To Twitter, Howard Stern Is Similar To Shabooty [Bieber] (SHABOOTY MENTION on Howard Stern Show 03-07-11) *AUDIO*

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This morning, Howard Stern was discussing Twitter and how they tell you who you’re similar to on Twitter.com, as suggestions on who to follow. Yours truly was mentioned in the MIX! Here’s the audio! Awesome stuff. … Thanks to all the people who gave me love this morning on Twitter after the Stern shout out!

My mentions stream BLEW UP!

Here are some of my @replies on Twitter this morning, saved for posterity.

REST BELOW…If you want to see the power of Howard.


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  • Sean

    Wow man, nice shout! The fact the he said Shabooty alone was awesome enough haha. Acknowledged.

  • Jon

    It’s official now, the man himself shouted out to shabooty :)

    Hopefully someone on the show does a follow up, figuring out / explaining who you are

  • PtsbghPeteIsAHomoFakeEvilCaller

    Congratulations, Shaboo Tay. I heard it too and felt (a) good for you and (b) sad that no one there knew you ran a sorta fan site for them. Yes, let’s hope for a follow-up after they figure it out.

    It was very funny ’cause Howard (and the always useless Robin) carefully recited your full handle at least 3 times!

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