The Anderson Cooper Snuff Footage (VIDEO) #EGYPT

The Anderson Cooper Snuff Footage (VIDEO) #EGYPT

This is as close as you’re going to get to an A-rab Guys Gone Wild video. Nullus. I guess those Egyptians didn’t get the memo that Egyptian Idol doesn’t give out golden tickets to Hollywood.

Next time Anderson Cooper needs to hire Nicki Minaj’s booty for security. #iwould


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  • gimme a break

    Think people. What does this clip really show? Anderson Cooper walking through several people who are definitely crowding around Cooper and the camera person. Does anybody see anybody getting punched, anybody actually throwing punches, kicks, rocks, or anything else. When Cooper describes this later, does anybody see any evidence of an attack like clear bruises, cuts, scrapes, bandages? Now guys riding in on horses and camels wielding whips, chains, and swords? Well that is being attacked by thugs and gangs. Cooper’s experience isn’t newsworthy at all.