Shabooty Interview Series: SARA JAY

Shabooty Interview Series: SARA JAY

I will keep this intro simple… Sara Jay is your favorite drummer (Questlove)’s favorite pr0nstar. Haha. We sat down over some sliders [||], and discussed everything from … well I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say I understand now how she has 60,000 fans on twitter, thousands of members on her website, and is doing the damn thang.

Shabooty: Are you friends with/worked with (my pals), Josyln James or Jesse Jane?
Sara Jay: Ya know, neither one of them have I worked with or am I really like friends with. I’ve met Jesse James before, but that’s about all I can say…

I’ve heard of the AVNS, but have you been to the Gay-VNs? (Nullus)
Haha, You know what, the GayVNS are during the AVNs, isn’t that funny? The AVN is like a magazine, so they have a GayVN section of the AVN magazine and yeah, you know you gotta represent the gays as well, they’re part of the industry.

Have you worked with Brian Pumper?
Um no, not really. Honestly like yeah no.

Does he have a bad reputation or something?
Yeah, totally horrible, he’s the only person on my no list.

On your what list?
My “no list”… Yeah, we all have no lists, ya know? He’s the only person on my no list.

Oh, that’s funny! … So, have you been on the Howard Stern show, yet?
No, I have not, I do a lot of Sirius radio like Shade45 and stuff. But I’ve never done Howard.

Have you been in any music videos?
I have. I’ve been in Mr Mecca’s “Over Here” – It’s like a ‘Flava In Your Ear,’ (you know the Craig Mac version), it’s like a remake of that. It was really good. It was a good video; met a lot of really cool people. I’m pretty big into New York independent hip-hop.

When people come up to you, is there a specific video that most people know you from?
You know, Bang Brothers is number one. Anything that I did for Bang Brothers — like I did a lot of ‘Ass Parade,’ etc, but Bang Brothers is probably number one.

I thought I had read that you’re Chek- as far as your heritage?
Mm [no], I’m Irish and German. I’ve got a big German butt.

When did you get started?
It’s almost been 11 years, it’s 10 and some change. I was already dancing, and I started doing nude modeling, and modeling for photographers and stuff, and I started doing fetish stuff, and before you knew it, I was doing super hardcore, *laugh*.

How did you get your name?
it’s my name actually. My name is actually Sara Jay, I just dropped off my last name. I’ve always used my name when I used to dance and stuff – I used my name, I just have a hard time being called anything but…

You won’t recognize a fake name?
Yeah, I won’t recognize the fake name…

Here’s my recommendation, my nickname is shabooty and then my real name is SH… and my other name is Shawn, so then it’s all SH…
Yeah? So do you answer to all of them?

Yeah, cause it’s all SH!
There you go, yeah see… I just thought, wow I won’t answer to anything else but Sara Jay, so…

What’s some mainstream stuff you’ve been in?
I was in some crappy B-movie, ya know… other than that, honestly, if there’s no sex involved, I’m just not really that interested because I really do like to have sex a lot, haha. Unless there’s a lot of money. If there’s a lot of money, then I’ll sacrifice the sex.

In your private life, are you dating someone in the industry?
No, I don’t really date… I have a lot of “friends”. I’m a proponent of friends with benefits, I have a rotation.

Have you won AVNs?
I haven’t won any AVNs. I’ve won Urban-X Awards. I was best interracial performer.

Who on the Jersey Shore would you want to “smoosh” with most?
Not necessarily… I dunno, I think they’re like funny people, I think they’d be really funny to hang out with and kick it for a weekend. That’d probably be really entertaining to go drinking with The Situation and Snooki and shit like that, but not necessarily sexually…

If you had to hook up with Montana Fishburne or Nicki Minaj, who would it be?
Nicki Minaj like all day, I’d take Nicki Minaj and Nicki Minaj’s twin, Nicki Minaj.

I think she was gay in a previous lifetime, because I’ve seen an old video of her in a stairwell [talking about eating the box].
I believe it. I totally think that she’d probably eat real good pussy, that’s what I’m thinking.

Now I have a theory which is always proven true… do you have loose $1’s in your purse?
Lol… Let’s find out. Let’s take a look because I’d hate to lie, but maybe. Let’s see what I have in my purse… 20’s and 1’s… that’s how I roll!

I’m impressed by the 20’s, because usually it’s all 1’s – JUST JOKING.
You have to have 20’s, because you need to have change. People don’t want to break 100’s all the time. Haha…

You gotta put the 20’s around the 1’s…
Yeah, I’ve done some funny videos where I put 100’s around the 1’s, yeah, that works out!

What’s your next project coming out
On November 1st, we’re releasing “Sara jay Presents: How to Train Your Dragon, I’m Talking About Your Penis.” lol.

It’s a parody?
It’s not really a parody, but we used the title because it was appropriate and funny – it’s actually a geek to chic’ kinda tale… I pick up a guy who’s kind of a dork, and I make sure he’s guided in the right way to be a sex stud!

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