Fast Food Special on Howard 101 with Jon Hein & Jason Kaplan (Audio)

fast food special
Fast Food Special on Howard 101 with Jon Hein & Jason Kaplan (Audio)

I missed the first half of this, but I caught the 2nd half, over dinner. Wow, do not listen to this if you’re on a diet. Lol. The boys will have you being fat fu*ks along with them.

Quickly, the premise of the show is the two gluttons on the show, Jon Hein and Jason Kaplan use this hour radio show as an excuse to get free dinner once a month (joking). No, but really, they had a pretty interesting show if you’re into junk food, because they had all sorts of burgers, fries, and shakes from all different walks of fast grub, and they reviewed them. Again, I still have to go back and listen to the first half, but Howard Stern this morning suggested Jon blindfold himself and see if he could figure out which was the Burger King burger (the one he despises for whatever reason). I’m not sure if they went ahead and did that bit.

Anyways, expect them to do more of this type of show in the future, because Stern People Twitter was popping off this evening. Lolz… Fatties.

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  • ri067953

    All of the food looks like it has been sitting out for days, maybe hours, so I don’t think any of it would taste that good.