Jesse Jane in ‘Body Heat’ [DVD Cover]

Jesse Jane in ‘Body Heat’ [DVD Cover] – Click to see bigger.

I don’t post Pr0n dvd covers unless it’s a funny parody video, and it’s a goof. Or in this case, it’s my shorty Jesse Jane’s new movie, Body Heat. I saw the very NSFW (duh) trailer, and holy crap this movie obvs has a budget — in the millions? I’ve never seen a pr0n movie with explosions, special effects, pyrotechnics, etc. Sigh. I just hope the chicks to guys+explosions ratio is up to snuff!


Author: shabooty

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  • kingl

    Has all the makings of a good firefighting drama and all the action of a hardcore porno movie! I love the dramatic music infused with the different shots sex lol

  • lindsay

    this movie is a complet RIP OFF of flashpoint with jenna jamson. even the civer is the same. it seems like they are trying to put jesse jane in her own version of every jenna movie. pirates copied conquest and now this. pathetic.