Shabooty Interview Series: Jillian Barberie (GOOD DAY LA)

jillian barberie
Shabooty Interview Series: Jillian Barberie (GOOD DAY LA)

If you’re a Howard Stern fan, you’re well-aware of Jillian Barberie. She’s Howard’s #1 Celebrity Super Fan. If you’re in Los Angeles, you know Jillian from her Fox morning show, Good Day LA. If you’re a football fanatic, you may remember Jillian from FOX NFL Sunday. If you’re constantly trolling the internets for fap-worthy women, you may know her from those endeavors. I just know her as a member of the shabooty dynasty…


Shabooty: Is there a “GOOD DAY” [morning show] in New York, too?
Jillian Barberie: Oh yeah, they’ve got them all over the place. Wherever I think FOX is — that’s basically where they are. They’re everywhere.

Yours [GOOD DA LA] is the flagship show?
Well yeah, they see our show and tell other shows try not be like them, I dunno. But we’ve been really successful. I think it’s a little different being in LA as far as FOX. A lot of people think that FOX is like the parent company, FOX News corp. is extremely conservative and they see our show, and they’re like “What the hell is that?” But yeah, it’s good it’s an LA show, ya know? It just works. We tried it nationally and it just did not work and so I think it’s one of those things that works in LA. And they don’t try to fix it. If it’s not broken, they’re not gonna try to fix it.

So how does a hot chick like you have such a good personality and such a good sense of humor?
That’s very nice of you. You know what, honestly growing up in Canada I swear to you … I was on the shorter side, total tom boy, and not into make-up or anything like that. I got into TV late, I graduated at 22 and that was it. I was on air and I’ve always had a laid back, easy going personality and I’ve always had a good boy sense of humor — it kinda fit. And believe me, I worked my share of places along the way that didn’t find me so amusing, so it’s kinda fun to be at a place where … and not everybody does. Some people ya know, I’m very polarizing — that’s what I like. Some people find it amusing and some people find it annoying, and either way, it’s cool with me.

Well I love ya for it.
I follow your tweets and obviously, being [Howard] Stern fans –that’s what connected us in the first place, but your tweets on their own are very funny. I love reading them, they’re just funny and it’s stuff that everybody thinks and nobody says – its just cool, it’s true.

I became friends with a couple members of the Jersey Shore cast and now that they’re pretty popular, they have publicists, so a lot of times they’ll reply to my tweets and they’ll say, “I wanna retweet that, but I can’t.”
Oh damn, that’s funny. Yeah isn’t that wild? What a great example of sorta fame now a days and how it be… how it’s so attainable for anybody, it’s kinda a cool thing, I think. It’s not just for actors or rockers… it’s for anybody. It’s kinda up for grabs, which I think is both hilarious and both kind of cool in and of itself. I work with Steve and Dorthy and I think Steve is slowly embracing it. I think it was the Paris Hilton stuff at the beginning and he’s like “Why is she famous? Why is she famous?” It doesn’t matter, she is. It is what it is.

I think long as you have talent you have the staying power, and if you don’t have the talent, you don’t have the staying power, so in the end everybody wins.
Yeah, or the savvy ya know? That savvy that brings you a business and I’m sure the Kardashians, I mean I know they’ve been very successful at that. I applaud them for it. It’s like the more the merrier, and get what you can, while you can.

Were they [the Kardashians] at your baby shower?
Well yeah, I’ve been friends with them since before they were famous which is kinda funny. I did a show with Bruce [Jenner]. They’re good people, they invited me to their home – I was single at the time, and Bruce is like, “man, my wife will hook you up, she’s a total match-maker,” and uh, she didn’t, but they invited me to their home over Christmas and Thanksgivings and I was the single chick there, and it was lots of fun and it was before the girls were famous, and now that genie’s out of the bottle. They’re UBER famous.

Yeah, I mean KIM pretty much RUNS twitter.
Yeah it’s insane. Four million people? Yeah she def. does. It’s incredible. She’s very sweet and I def. see her as a very savvy business minded woman. All three of the girls, they’ve always been entertaining — I would go there for dinner and I would say, you guys should have your own reality show, because they’re fun, they’re ruthless on each other, they’re just good girls. And Ryan Seacrest did the show. It’s kinda like people ask me if they’ve changed and I always say, this is exactly how they were before, except cameras are on them now.

What’s your biggest physical insecurity?
Oh god, you know it used to be my height. I’m – I’d say I’m 5’5″. But heels changed all of that. Heels and teased hair, I could be a rock star – 6 ft tall with that. Probably it’s always been my height, because I got good boobs – I’ve never had a problem there – I would love to have longer legs.

You’re making it sound like you’re Snooki or something.
I know right? She’s what like 4’9″. Listen, I guess it’s how you rock the package. Kim I think is 5’2″ – she’s tiny. Short little thing, but totally voluptuous and beautiful. It is what it is. I think at a certain point, you just don’t stress on that stuff anymore.

I saw your twitpics with Frankie B, does that mean you get hooked up with a lifetime supply of jeans?
That’s funny. I met her about 12 years ago. We were on the set of Melrose Place and I saw her and I was like that girl is so hot and she’s just so cool looking. And she had these really cool plaid pants on and I was like where’d you get those? And she goes, “I made them,” and I was like, “What? Like in your kitchen, you sewed them?” And she’s like, “Yeah!” I said I want to do a ‘Style File’ on you and I basically did the Style File, I introduced her to the buyer at Nordstroms and Nordstroms bought them and everybody… and she’s a great girl. She’s just like one of the coolest girls and from there… I was friendly with Heather Locklear, I got her hooked up. When she’d do Howard Stern, I’d hook her up with Frankie B stuff, and it just kinda started from there, and then I wore my Frankie B’s on Howard, my first appearance and I love that girl – she’s got a great story. And her husband’s cool [the dude] from Gun’s and Roses and they’re just a great couple.

So you essentially helped launch her career?
Yeah for sure, like Tarina Tarantino was out last night [along with Frankie B], and she’s like “you did the first Style File on me!” and yeah I love finding local talent and doing that and I see how HUGE they become and it puts such a smile on my face. There’s been a few people like that, it’s cool. It’s nice.

You had mentioned [your co-anchor] Dorthy, so how’s your relationship with her, wasn’t it rocky at one point?
You know, because we’ve been together for so long, I think it’s been up and down on both of our sides, but I really dig her and think that ya know, I went on Howard Stern, I probably would take back how it came across and I certainly did not mean any harm to her in that – she’s a really cool girl. We get along like sisters, and we’ve been together like a family for fifteen years, so we’ve had ups and downs but man, I really respect her and really, really, like her and it’s just so good right now. And yeah, I felt bad, I really did, that maybe I had hurt her feelings, but going on Howard and saying that stuff… I don’t even remember how I said it or how it came out, but I def. know that her feelings were hurt and I apologized to her for that.

So aside from Howard Stern, what’s your number one addiction? Purses or Shoes?
Damn. I’ve got a shoe closet that rivals Kimora Lee Simmons – I probably would say shoes and I do collect bags but my shoe closet, it’s fierce. It’s ridiculous, I love it.

So okay, if there was a flood and it ruined all of your shoes or it ruined all of your purses, what would freak you out more?
I wouldn’t even give a shit at this point, honestly, I look at that stuff and I go man it’s just stuff and shit and whatever, ya just hope you have insurance, and move on. I’m telling you, after you have kids, that’s the most important stuff in your life. Everything else just becomes so irrelevant. Truly, truly, it’s amazing.

Are Christian Louboutin’s the best shoes?
I was just gonna put up a twitpic, because everyday I get home from work, and I kick my shoes off, and my daughter puts my shoes on, every friggin’ day and they’re always Louboutins. She’s obsessed with shoes, she always goes for the McQueens, but Louboutins to me are just so frigging comfortable –they just are. I’ve got a ton of Manolo [Blahnik]’s and Louboutins. Have you seen my closet? I’ll twitpic it, it’s pretty inspirational.  But yeah, I’d probably say the majority of them are Manolos and Louboutins, but Manolos they don’t do platforms, so I haven’t bought any in years, and I’m all about the platforms, so yeah, I’ve got a ton of Louboutins.

That’s like the female version of Jordans?
I would imagine, yeah.

So how long have you been a Howard Stern fan, and when did you first get introduced to the show?
Well, a Stern fan for almost 20 years. Well, I guess it has been like 17 years that I have been a fan. Actually, no it has been 20 years because whenever he came to LA, I think it was ’91, I was filling into the morning show, I used to do the evenings and I was driving to work – it was a long as drive from Huntington Beach, and I was just tuning in one morning and I came across this guy, I had no idea who he was. I had moved from Miami, out here, and he was just RAGGING on somebody, it was somebody at the station, it was probably Scott [the engineer, Salem] and he was just ruthless and he was just funny as hell. And I thought, who’s this guy, because there were awkward long silences, the guy couldn’t get into the studio, he wasn’t mic’d, you can hear him yelling in the background, and I just remember thinking, that’s really fu*king cool, that he doesn’t care that…I felt like a fly on the wall… that he wasn’t so perfect, that he didn’t want it to be [perfect], and it just intrigued me and it was an hour ride in and I laughed my ass off the whole way, and that was it. I never went back and he was on terrestrial radio then. And so he was very –with what he had was limited resources –he was genius. Going to satellite, he’s just KILLED IT [the game]. It’s amazing, the shows are just so good.


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