I Have A Major Problem With TLC’s “DC Cupcakes” (Georgetown Cupcake)

I Have A Major Problem With TLC’s “DC Cupcakes” (Georgetown Cupcake)

Okay, where do I start with this ethering?
I didn’t know a rat’s ass about “Georgetown Cupcake” until a few weeks ago when I was headed to the Georgetown waterfront bars… I see a cupcake store and a line around the corner… Tha fuck? I thought, they must be issuing some Drakes Cakes…
Nope, turns out it’s just some DC fat people. Then today I saw WUSA-TV reporter Angie Goff (who’s too good to get sushi with me), tweet about how now there’s going to be a reality show around the business! Sigh!!! DC Cupcakes?

You people out there need to know how disastrous this sounds to me… DC is (from my perspective) only known for two things: blatant groupie-ism and blatant fat fuck-ism.
When you couple these two things, it can’t be good. A) Everyone in this city is fat as fuck B) Every broad in this city is a groupie chick… Ever wonder why DC sports teams suck dick, thicks (thx)?
Because the sports stars get soo GASSED UP by how bad groupies jock them in DC! Every bum bitch thinks she’s a model that deserves their own reserve bum-Redskins running back. Every bitch in this city wants to be famous and on TV, and a cupcake reality show is just going to further encourage their FAT FUCK-ness!!!

When I drive through my affluent neighborhood, each chick is uglier than the next. Wonder why?
This is a truly poisonous combo, and I don’t approve of it. Why can’t TLC make a reality show around some Healthy food for once? Got damn. Not that I’d watch TLC anyway, as a straight male… But I am just saying, let’s stop lighting a fire under these groupified DC 15 minutes of fame-whores, while encouraging them to get even more gargantuan. I saw my ex- in January in DC, and she had gotten so big she elicited a fight or flight response out of me… Sort of like what happens when you come face to face with a beached whale, and there’s no dynamite in sight.


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