EXCLUSIVE: Def Jux Has Folded

Definitve Jux (Def Jux) Has Folded: The Evidence Mounts (Shabooty Exclusive)


Before I detail the evidence… I guess I’ll say for the record that I have reached out to El-P, and I am waiting for official comment. If and when I hear back with a statement, I will update this post. Until then, here are the things I have been reading.

UPDATE 1: I heard from El-P himself. He told me that he’d be sure to let me know when there is [an official statement ready].


UPDATE 4: El-P has made an Official Statement: EL-P  – “Of Hooptys and Hovercrafts”. [PRESS RELEASE]

I will make a follow-up post with my thoughts.

UPDATE 2: A source tells me that a least one, if not more (now former) DJX staff members have already begun employment at another label. Specifically, person(s) have defected to Decon Records.

UPDATE 3: Cage sent me this message below, earlier on Twitter. To play the role of the psychologist for one second, one thing I noticed was the verbiage used: “they” to refer to Def Jux. I always thought Cage would speak about DJX as “we”. Telling?

Twitter / Cage: @SHABOOTY I don't think th ... - Firefox
Semantics by Cage?


Earliest evidence: this blog post in December from a Canadian blogger: Definitive Jux no-more???? [Conspiracy Worldwide Radio] – Looks like this guy knew what he was talking about. I initially just chalked him up to be a hater, but there is no hate in the truth.

Since then, the evidence has mounted. Jeff Weiss mentions it in a December 31st post, under the section on the DJX rapper Danny: “Then it was supposed to be mastered, re-worked, and re-released in the New Year. Now the game of Internet telephone whispers that Def Jux is folding.”

Tweets backing up this story including messages from Living Legends’ Lucky I Am, Tame One, Hints from El-P himself, and even an anonymous message (name redacted due to ominous nature of message):

Damn, sounds like a wrap. And madd at that last message.

When I last saw El-P in September, this definitively didn’t seem like the case. He talked about shooting a video already for his next album that he’s working on. Even said he had a director already for it, etc. So this comes as a shock. I will say, everyone in the DJX camp has been mum lately. And I guess this is why. Shrug. So I guess now Aesop Rock goes to Rhymesayers? I am hoping that El + Cage + Yak Ballz come together to form a WM Label. Sen.



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  • To clarify, all I said in that post was that people on the Internet were speculating without tangible proof. I hope it’s just that.

  • How could this be? Seriously…… The one label to put out the best hip hop for the last decade.

  • TobiPeterson

    …to be continued…

  • *muerte*

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  • Pill

    Ha. i wonder if that def jukie will dude has OD’d on something by now

  • Shabooty

    UPDATE: A source tells me that a least one if not more former DJX staff members have already begun employment at another label.

  • since learning about shabooty, im pretty much a loyalist to this site and getting my rumors confirmed or conflabbed here. so instead of us all speculating without any fuckin proof, lets just let Mr. Booty do the legwork for us. i love all the jukies as much as the next dude, maybe more than some dudes, and while itd be nice and not shocking to see people like Aes and Cage on RSE, Def Jux rumored closing is a sad thing, not just musically, but culturally. but you can never take away fom El that he took a chance most of us never will, and for the last ten years, he made it work, and if it goes no further than this, then at least he gave us some gifted artists we all may not have ever heard.

  • billy blast

    Depart From Me killed Def Jux. All that media costs money. When that piece of shit album didn’t deliver, it left the label in the whole.

  • Thomas

    Yea i heard that that video they did with cage helped put them in debt

  • are you fucking kidding me? i mean, be real, even if you didnt like DFM, that album was on many ACTUAL PUBLICATIONS top ten of 09 lists. didnt deliver my fucking ballsack, it was number 3 on itunes behing the standard and delux editions of eminems latest turd when it came out. i work for an independant company, and we recently had to scale back quite a bit, and the things that taught me were that they will pretend nothing is up until they actually announce it, and its not always recent shit that puts you into the red, this could go back as far as maybe Aes’ last album, which was fantastic as well. companies lose money, it happens, its business, but if youre gonna shittalk, get your fucking facts straight.

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  • We at http://generationnextradio.com/ are deeply sad to learn this morning that hip hop music has lost one of it most important entities today.

    Due to this most shocking and hurtful news, we’re going to hold an on the air memorial service for this most historical figure on our show tonight. Please show your respects as we at “Generation Next w/ DJ Pete Marriott” celebrates the life of one of the greatest to ever do it and mourn it’s most untimely death.

    Services begins 6:00PM (EST) / 3:00PM (PST)
    featuring the Good Rev. Dr. Prescott B. Gladwell

  • washington

    Sucky news, but the signs were all there for the last few months. Not having the Camu album drop after El-P hyping it all year was the big one for me (and I am still really looking forward to hearing it).

  • washington

    Sucky news, but the signs were all there for the last few months. Not having the Camu album drop after El-P hyping it all year was the big one for me (and I am still really looking forward to hearing it)

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  • NYHC81

    heart-break hotel.

  • Joe Allen


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  • E.M.I.L.Y

    I just went to the website! I couldn’t even buy a shirt. :0( “Sorry. We are currently changing merchandise providers and are unable to fulfill your order at this time. Please check back soon.”

  • Max
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  • The Black Mantis

    WOOOOW, just look at what Vast Aire’s Battle of the Planets did to that label! This is basically what happens when your fake and switch your style up more than you switch draw’s!! That whole label has nothing to offer to hiphop anymore and El-P saying he wants to try something new just means hes going to do what cage did and do some garbage that aint hiphop at all to try to sell some records to a new generation!! I always said this new shit def jux does is lame and emo and it wont go no where and look now!! Not even your emo fans was buying your records anymore!! I heard cage sold double wood in the hood with his new album DFM!! Thats bad especially when your on Mtv and your myspace page is getting over 50,000 plays a day!! Womp!! Its over for def jux!! FINALLY!!

  • B

    Everybody has it all wrong. What killed Def Jux was RJD2 leaving the label. In case you didn’t remember, his departure really upset El-P. RJ didn’t want to release a non-hip hop album on Def Jux, so he went elsewhere. It was after that point that Def Jux started releasing more non-hip hop music ( probably to compensate for what El felt could have been a stellar Jux record). Vast Aire’s song didn’t end Def Jux. That’s just ridiculous because “Battle of the Planets” was barely a blip on the hip hop radar. People don’t give RJD2 enough credit. He was one of the most important elements of early Jux.

  • Ya pops

    I’m not surprised if they fold. Def jux used to be Ill. Many great artist like rjd2, c rayz, can ox. After they left cause I heard elp is a asshole and didn’t pay them, all we heard is emo crap. Cage’s justin beiber haircut. Cage is like 30somethong years old acting 15 with his yak clone. I guess he wants that crowd. Def jux fans and followers aren’t into that shit. What happen to the real hip hop? Aesop and el will always in my opinion put out great album. Rip def jux.