• itchyritchy

    Benji..,. Your An Asshole!

  • Gregg

    Wow Benjy you are such a dick. You are so smug. Dont you get that your whore of a girlfriend was disrespectful. Why is everything such a big joke to you.

  • howard#1fan

    Benjy you are a funny guy but do not act like an idiot for some wacko nut job ho-bag. We all saw her mentally challenged ass on Howard TV.

  • SAMiAm

    Benjy get back out and do stuff on the street or make some more prank calls you havent been funny in awhile and this makes you look like a dick

  • curious_george

    another awesome example of an ugly, bloated guy scoring a hot piece of (tainted) ass for all the wrong reasons.

    benjy, please die from a heart attack soon.

  • Tom

    lol, jelousy is a powerful thing

  • howard stern

    douche…….get a life asshole !!!

  • Artie

    I’m so glad I don’t have to smell your stinky ass everyday.Benjy.You smell as bad as Richard does and you claim to shower everyday! Too bad though,even though the schedule fucked up my life,I still miss that show:(

  • Peter3Dogs

    Benjy ,,that is a wonderful woman you have there.All of those slime that complained about her just wish she was theirs.
    On question,,,,does she have a Twin Sister???