Shabooty Interview Series: Melissa Anne “Hemi Girl” (Miss Howard TV)

Melissa Anne
Shabooty Interview Series: Melissa Anne “Hemi Girl” (Miss Howard TV August 2009)

If you’re a Howard Stern fan, it’s hard not to remember Melissa Anne aka Hemi Girl. She’s Ronnie the Limo driver’s favorite, and his co-host for the now on “JD-blocked,” Car Show. We discuss the finer things in life like: The Howard Stern Show, modeling, strip-clubs, fans, facebook, internet douches, and more!


SHABOOTY: So, what’s the fate of Ronnie The Limo Driver’s shows? Is he doing a show about strippers, now?
Melissa Ann: As far as Ronnie’s show, I am pretty sure that the car thing is out, but not entirely. There has definitely been some negotiations about doing a show involving strippers and hot chicks and tying it in with cars. I can’t wait for that!

What was the story I heard about you being kicked out of a strip-club, because you weren’t with a guy?
After a broadcast one night I decided to take a walk over to Lace in Time Square. It was about midnight and I was bored, Ronnie had gone home because he had to get up at 3am for the morning broadcast. So I decided that I wanted to get a back rub, a drink, and look at some naked chicks. When I got to the door the bouncer asked “Where’s your man at” and I responded, “huh? I don’t have one why?” and he said “This is a gentlemen’s club honey”. So I laughed thinking ‘okay, this guy thinks I’m stupid or something.’ So I proceeded to hand him my ID and again he reminded me that it was a gentlemen’s club. So I got pissed off and said “Well, WTF does that matter I want to get a back rub & a drink” and the idiot turned around and said “honey these girls pay a lot of money to work here, they don’t need your competition” – SAY WHAT?! I’M NOT HERE TO STRIP I’M HERE TO WATCH THEM STRIP!!! Lmao @ the girls who “pay a lot of money to work there,” because obviously they haven’t discovered Rick’s.

When did your car obsession begin?
My obsession with cars began when I was about 5. My dad had this old beat up Ram truck that I thought was the coolest thing. He had nothing around the house but car magazines so I would look through them and imagine what it would be like when I got my license. When I was about 7 my dad showed me how to change the oil & replace the brakes… and it was grease monkey from that point.

What was your first car?
My first car was an embarrassment! I went to a Catholic high school so everyone pretty much had expensive cars… I had a 1993 Chevy Caviler. I had it for about 3 weeks and I wrecked it rear ending someone who didn’t have brake lights…. So I drove it to school for about 5 months with the fender sticking out because I couldn’t afford to get it fixed. At the end of the school year I thought I was the balls by getting a 1985 Iroc for $600 with drags on the back…. needless to say that lasted about 3 months it needed everything under the sun!

Please vent about internet pervs on facebook…
LOL!!!! I just recently had to remove everyone that I didn’t know personally from my facebook page because my regular friends were getting sick & tired of seeing “69 comments” under their posts. I would go and post something like “good morning” and someone would go and write something completely retarded and unrelated like “can I lick your ass”. That shit aggravated me, so I moved everyone over to my fan page and had to create a whole other “friends” page because the facebook mongoloids would rather be my “friend” then my “fan”. I can’t stand it when people try to write on my wall attempting to speak English and their profile reads “New York”. Spell check is only a click away people; unless your 15 and you just learned how to use a computer, because I get the feeling that’s where most of the idiot comments come from.

How was the experience of being Miss Howard TV?
2009 has definitely been an amazing year for me. Never did I imagine being a Miss Howard TV; it was AWESOME! I love everyone over at Howard’s channels they are a fun group of people.

How did you get cast?
My brother in-law apparently emailed the show about me back in February I think. One day in July they emailed him back and my sister called me up at like 7am. She was a fanatic on the phone and told me to call her husband so I did. He said “check your email”… He forwarded me the email from the producers over at Howard TV and I thought it was a joke!! I was so pissed off they woke me up to play a prank on me… and then reality check. It clearly wasn’t a joke, lol.

How did you become so buddy-buddy with Ronnie? Because he drives a car?
I KNEW that someone would ask me this question!!!! Ronnie is a fantastic guy. When I was in the green room waiting to do my interview I was so nervous and Ronnie started to talk to me. We started talking about classic muscle cars. I think he was a little bit shocked when he started to realize my infatuation with them and we hit it off right before my interview, which was awesome because it took the edge off and settled my nerves. I have a ton in common with Ronnie on so many levels it makes me laugh because either I’m a 50 year old bag upstairs or he stopped aging at 18.

Howard is a sweetheart, right?
Howard is probably the nicest and most respectable person I have ever met in the entertainment industry. That shocked me. I love Howard.

A couple tough questions that those internet pervs wanna know… are “they” real? & have you or would you ever pose nude?
No, they are not real, I am still paying for them, lol. And yes I bought them for myself. As far as posing nude, I actually posed for Playboy the same day I did my initial interview with the producers at Howard TV. I made NYC’s Casting Calls Special Editions section and I am waiting to see how much further I can go with it. I’d love to be a centerfold one day.

Are you bi?
I like girls, lol & we can just leave it at that. I have a best friend who everyone thinks is my girlfriend because we apparently do things that normal friends don’t do. Sometimes I even question our “relationship” – Check her out she looks just like me but with black hair – google Dj Kristen Kastaway.

Is your new calendar out?
My calendar is out, it came out in September and I have sold about 500 copies. It was an awesome feeling to have produced something and have it benefit a good cause. All of my proceeds went to a local children’s foundation to help kids in need.

Why the name “HEMI” girl… or rather, what’s so good about the Hemi?
My BFF Tony gave me the nick name HemiGirl. When I started selling cars in 2003 my number 1 seller was a Dodge Ram 1500 with a HEMI in it. For whatever reason I would spend most of my time sitting in the beds of the trucks learning everything about them and the HEMI engine. I became obsessed and eventually customers who wanted to buy a truck would come in and ask for “HemiGirl” eventually they started using it as a marketing scheme and it sort of took off.

What do you think of the theory that if women didn’t care about cars, that guys would all drive hoopties?
LOL!!!!! I know plenty of women who could care less about cars that drive around in hoopties themselves… and I also know plenty of good looking guys that drive hoopties as well. I don’t think that part really matters to women unless they are just out for gold. But hey, I am an odd ball so I am not so sure I can answer for the entire female race.

Are there any 2011 car models coming out that have peaked your interest?
I am actually very interested to see what Fiat brings to the table now that they own Chrysler but that won’t be until at lease next year or so. So for now, I want my rag top Challenger!

What projects are coming up? You’re doing some NYE events?
NYE events are crazy for me, because NYE is my birthday as well. Every NYE I work as a Vegas Showgirl, so I will be doing that tomorrow night! Feathers can be pretty heavy!

What’s your website/twitter?
My website is and my Twitter is All of the links to my social networking sites are up in my “contact” section and in my “blog” section.

Thank you!
Thanks and Happy New Year everyone!

Melissa Anne “Hemi Girl” with Mini-Me!

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    This chick is such a phony and a big time slut in Fall River. Everyone has had her and she smells like rotten tuna. Ronnie should make sure he double wraps. What’s with her crooked eye?

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