Shia LaBeouf Leaves William Morris Agency

Shia LaBeouf Leaves William Morris Agency

(DEADLINE) | Shia LaBeouf has left WME (William Morris Endeavor Entertainment) on Friday. And he’s going agentless, sticking with his manager John Crosby and his attorney Matt Saver. It’s a huge loss for the agency and Megan Silverman (who helped put the actor in everything big like Disturbia and Transformers and Indiana Jones 4 and Wall Street 2), since Shia is one of the biggest young stars with the brightest future. But it was all very amicable. The explanation I hear is that Shia has Leo has his role model and, since DiCaprio is famously agentless, Shia thinks he can go that route, too.

I guess that Cage movie isn’t a William Morris screenplay. Pretty ballsy though, to go agentless. But, I guess he figures, considering he’s the actor in Hollywood which has the best track record when it comes to bringing in box office dollars verse his salary, that he’s going to be in pretty good shape.



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  • Bella

    Omg! What is he thinking!?!? This is NOT good idea :S
    He have to have an agent!
    But.. I wish him the best. He have a bright future though. I hope. But. I still don’t think this is good idea.

    XOXO Bella.