Why Freddy Adu Is A Douchebag

Why Freddy Adu Is A Douchebag…

Now, listen, I am only writing this post out of sheer lunch-time boredom, I don’t really have anything against Freddy Adu, however, if it was assigned to me, to write reasons as to why Freddy Adu is a douchebag, I wouldn’t have to think hard. Let’s see…

For one, yes, I have had anecdotal run-ins with Adu.

I’ve actually seen him at the bars at my alma mater, College Park, a few years ago.

Let me cut to the chase. This dude strolled in the bar, under-age, African, and wearing a turquoise shirt. Now, the latter shirt comment is the only reason I bring up the African comment. When you’re dark skinneded, there is nothing that screams out louder for attention than wearing a bright ass turquoise neon shirt. Like wtf?

It was uber douchey. If Bangs wore turquoise, he wouldn’t even need to wear his fake bling. That contrast, I tell you. Black people shouldn’t wear Irish colors, just saying. It looks goofy. You don’t see Lindsay Lohan in black-face.

And lastly: his GOT MILK Ad…=douchey. Need I say more?

And btw, I can’t find dude no where in my Fifa10 iPhone game. GG.


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  • kacperp

    heh. he’s now playing in Benfica but you can hardly say that his even a bench player…

  • Michelé

    I already know you’re pathetic but this post comes off as mad racist. How does wearing a turquoise shirt = douchedom? And this, coming from someone who sports Chanel sunglasses?! The irony is killing me. Maybe if you got signed to DC United at the age of 14, like Freddy did, I’d forgive you.

    Speaking of d-bags, isn’t Michael Lohan expecting call from you soon?

  • lol i have a pass since im not a cracker-ass-cracker. thanks ;)
    ^^^if you can read in between the lines, I make fun of everyone

  • Michelé

    You know I’m kidding, assface. Don’t send the Shabooty Dynasty after me.