Mimi Kirk (70 Year Old Woman) is PETA’s “Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50”

Mimi Kirk (70 Year Old Woman) is PETA’s “Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50”

My cougar-milf-vegan mommiez sent me this video. She’s holding up well at 70, that’s for sure, but in the segment of this interview where they flash to her facebook picture where she’s covered up with a yenta hat and big aviators, that’s sort of misleading to the young impressionable cougar-feed like myself. Roffle.


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  • she looks good, but i can’t tell if she’s an old crow or an old bat =)

    • I agree she looks good and she is the same age as John McCain so he needs to hire her as his personal trainer and nutritionist. A guy could actually brag to his friends about banging a 70 year old woman if she looks like this. I think she has on a wedding ring so the reporter should have let us know if this is a new guy or a guy her age.

  • Jay-G

    I bet she has a huge bush,

  • fan

    Ms. Kirk looks great, she has shown us that living a healthy lifestyle will keep us well preserved. Calling her an old bat/crow is your business; hmmm I wonder how you look or better yet, look at family members in your family tree and see if they look like that at 70. It will give you an idea that you will look the same way if we do not take care of ourselves