WJLA Breast Exam (TV report on breast self-exams bares all)

WJLA Breast Exam (TV report on breast self-exams bares all)

TV news reports about breast-cancer detection and treatment are common, though usually discreet, with female breasts typically depicted only in X-rays or tastefully draped.

But in a four-part report on the disease beginning Thursday night, WJLA, Channel 7 in Washington, will break TV’s unspoken taboo by showing two women fully exposed on its late-afternoon and evening newscasts.

The station says its reports are meant to encourage proper breast self-examination, and are being aired in conjunction with National Breast Cancer Awareness month, which ends Saturday.

WJLA acknowledges, however, that the timing of its stories may raise some eyebrows: The reports will air on the first two days of TV’s traditional “sweeps” month, a period in which stations air their most eye-catching stories to boost ratings that are used to set advertising rates.

I was hoping this breast exam was going to have WUSA9’s Angie Goff…(this Azn broad in the local news market), now that would have been steamy…

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