Drunk Guy Stumbling In Liquor Store: Blame It On Alcohol! STRAIGHT CRUNK!!!

Drunk Guy Stumbling In Liquor Store Surveillance Video: Blame it on alcohol! STRAIGHT CRUNK!!!

Watching this … most funny, yet tragic thing on youtube. Not rly. How come dude looks like every single dude I ever went to community college with? Omg. This dude would suck at twister, ’cause he’s TWISTED!


Author: shabooty

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  • Prolific Memorie

    Whoa my drunk ass ain’t got nothing on this guy.
    A. I’m curious as to why no one helped him when they saw him on the ground to begin with?
    B. I wonder what old dude was saying to him.?

    pieces of later,

  • If that guy was driving home he has to be dead by now. I havent been that drunk in over a year. I saw this on deadspin but the music wasnt in it and it was only about half as long. This was funny and someone will put in a fake conversation with the store owner and the drunk next time.

  • this is really crazy. i mean, i never saw a drunken man, walking like this :D wished to saw it in the store – first row! ;) thanks for sharing!