Jay-Z Tops Album Sales Two Weeks In A Row (Sells 298K)

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)
Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
1 Jay-Z Blueprint 3
298,000 774,000
2 Whitney Houston I Look To You 156,000 554,000
4 Kid Cudi Man On The Moon: The End Of Day 104,000 104,000
6 Drake So Far Gone 73,000 74,000
7 Lil Boosie Superbad: The Return Of Boosie Bad Azz 49,000 49,000

People are all of a sudden hailing Blueprint 3 like it’s a insta-classic. I’ll admit I’ve softened my stance on BP3 since I reviewed it, i.e. it’s grown on me a little bit. But, I still feel like it’s sorta forgettable. And I’ll also admit from a 9-11 marketing standpoint, that Jay-Z Madison Square Garden concert was genius. So, these sales results are not a surprise. But, I still think less of a person that tweets on twitter that Blueprint 3 is tha best album evar.


Author: shabooty

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  • Fuelbot

    Once again: Too much Kingdom Come, not enough American Gangster. Fuck BP3.

  • livewire4yfe

    this is jay’s 11 number one album….i think that says it all…i know on 9/11 i made sure that i got that album one way or another!!! and ever since when im in my car that is the only thing i have been listening to!! hov did his thing on this one especially b/c its not the ususal jay..but i like the new music and the old..which ever works i guess in his case both!