Bubba The Love Sponge Posts Heather Clem (Wife) Nude Pic on Twitter

bubba's wife

Bubba the Love Sponge posted the above picture on twitter (full pic, after the jump). Then said:
“Ur right I am tired. No banging tonight. Maybe tomrrw.”




Author: shabooty

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  • nice!

  • Heather is a goddess… plain and simple.

  • how can this guy be tired?!?!?!?!?

    BTW, i still have her pic where she’s pulling down her T and pinching her nips!

  • eric send me that =p i dont think i saw!

  • Lou101

    OH MY WOW!!!

  • Rob

    Good God Bubba you sure married up brother

  • Teddy

    SOrry guys but that looks like Janessa Brazil. If at least the eyes were visible, I might buy that it is Heather

  • Parker

    What a nice fuckin body,i would eat the shit right out of her.

  • jimmy

    janessa brazil heather has brown hair

  • LiL Crow

    The nude pic of Bubba’s wife reminds me of an old Wendy’s commercial. In stead of weres the beef,”when I look at the pic of Heather, I say Were’s the ASS?” Stern’s wife Beth ass is much bigger and rounder

    Feed that Bitch a Pork Chop

  • joker

    Janessa Brazil has the WORST boobjob of all time she could be so hot but her tits are TERRIBLE! and to be honest her voice is even worse. i know it’s great for a hot girl to be a whore like she is but she shouldn’t speak and should always wear a top! lol

  • ron


  • Bill Cenne

    heather the cum sponge