Playboy Girls of ACC ’09 (Figures The Maryland Terp Would Be An AZN Hoo-er)

The new issue of Playboy Girls of ACC is out and I find it so cliche that the girl from my alma mater (UMD),  is an AZN chick. Let me guess, she was sexually repressed in her Asian household, she only dates white frat boys, she’ll occasionally do coke, am I missing anything? Oh…

HAHAHAH, I love how the fake name she gave for herself is “CONNIE DU”. So made up. So funny.


Author: shabooty

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  • Terp

    Actually your wrong about each assumption you made

    Dont we feel like an ass?

  • dukes

    Acutally, I am friends with Connie and you are completely wrong….please check your facts and get a life.

    • you’re the one looking up nude pics of your friend.

  • Claire

    Actually, Connie’s my best friend. Her boyfriend is white, so you got one out of three right. She doesn’t do coke, we hate frat boys, and she is actually the only girl from maryland that used a real name. youre the type of person that gives maryland a bad rep and an embarrassment to me and everyone i know.

    ps- at least looking up nude pictures of someone i know is better than looking up nude pictures of someone i dont know. perv!

    • haha well she’s an idiot for using her real name. 1 for 3 is pretty good considering it’s shtick.

  • Connie

    you’re so right about me. i have a fake name, do coke, and love frat boys. ohhh and how’d you know i was such a repressed child! you’re so smart, i can see why you went to our school..

    by the way, there was also a white and black girl from UMD in the magazine too smartass;)

    • so i was right about the sexually repressed and the dates a white guy.

      UMD education, folks.

    • Jim

      Connie, saw your co-ed of the week pics and video. I want to put it in your ass so bad. Hot!

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  • mike

    i would fuck her so hard

  • mike

    i want to shove my cock in her ass