Erika Lauren Wasilewski Leaves The Real World DC House Early, Is to Praise?

Is Responsible For Making Real World DC-er (Erika Lauren Wasilewski) Leave The House Early?

I am going to take credit, and say yes. Here’s my guess as to the events that unfolded. Thanks to the readers of this blog, it came out that Erika Lauren was a pathological liar in her past. We’re talking about living a lie of cancer for several months all for the sole purpose of attention, and to get back at her ex-boyfriend. This news came out on this blog, it got picked up by the radio and online media, and all of a sudden, Lauren’s little secret was OUT. Now, for a singer chick like Lauren, on the Real World show, to advance her musical career, this must have proven A NIGHTMARE. I read on @Realworlddcnewz that she performed at 9:30 club on stage. While at that point in time, these stories had yet to come out, I think a return performance from Lauren TODAY, would prove nightmarish and comical at best. DC people aren’t nice, esp. to attention whore, liars. Now, I do not know how many times in her DC city travels, Lauren had to face her past directly, or how much of this light was shed to her housemates, but it had to have happened. She allegedly got in a fight with housemate Ashley, and apparently had her initial job at Bang Hair Salon fall through. Why, I can only assume, but she must have had an implosion. It’s obvs she melted down, and left the house with her latest foil, her new boyfriend, to a far off land, called Ohio.

I love how the only things I have heard about Lauren are horror stories, and any stories sent in to support her and show her love, are from people that have only known her for a few months. At the end of the day, the premier of Real World Cancun gave me so many douche-chills, that I literally canceled my cable TV, as the result of watching that garbage. I was adamant that this upcoming Real World DC season in my home town, better not suck dick thicks! And if Bunim-Murray knows one thing, it’s that a student of the Howard Stern Show like myself, knows good reality TV. Ask one of my past interviewees, Cris Abrego (VH1 and former B&M producer), who his inspirations are. So, here’s the promise, Real World DC will be good times. Well, at least for us locals, that have the ability to block out the douchey cast, and recognize local landmarks, cantankerous crackheads, and teh gehs.

Sonned again, folks!


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  • Your blog is the only reason I may actually watch the DC season just so I can pick out the timeline of you exposing the show.

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  • Mandy

    I’ve known Erika for 5 years…and all this crap just seems ridiculous to me. She’s by far not dramatic and one of the sweetest girls I know…that’s the honest truth.

    • Unknown

      If u know Erika u would know all about this crazy shit she HAS done. She’s insane and I’ve been around for all of it. She comes off as nice and sweet but is really in her own world of fucked up.

    • anonymousCHICAGOgirl

      Yeah if you really KNOW Erika.. especially for 5 years, that would mean you’re probably one of her fake-ass friends that follows her around and worships her and is there to tell her “everything okay!” because you’re looking for some sort of reenforcement from her… making you almost just at whacked out as she is.
      I have know of and gotten to know her better for six long ridiculous years.
      That girls is a crazy, narcissistic, completely self absorbed, selfish, pathological liar. Really.
      She is absolutely boy crazy, and needs to have a dude in her life AT ALL times to make her feel a little bit better about herself, and when she has these ‘boyfriends’ she is IMMEDIATELY in “LOVE” with every SINGLE ONE of them after ehhh maybe a week or so…. that’s absolutely absurd. And these dudes are all the same breed… Obviously considering they all look the same and all go running after a very short period of time. You know that type, Hair past their shoulders, dyed weird colors, piercing, gaged ears, always wearing tight womens jeans and in some sort of band. Gross.
      She actually was chasing one of my ex’s while we were in a serious relationship, while she knew that he had a serious girlfriend.
      She is completely out of her mind, and once her little boy toys figure this out, they go running for the hills… and thats when the outrageous cries for attention begin. Like when we were all in highschool… everybody already knows this,
      Is she that empty minded not to realize that is something that individuals and families really have to go thru and suffer, and how painful it is to lose somebody to that awful disease?
      And to lie to your loved ones, even have your FAMILY in on it coverring up those lies? What kind of parents do that?
      Clearly the apple does NOT fall far from the tree.
      I actually was talking to her for a period of time before I realized how fucking insane she was and we were discussing the possibility of rooming together in the dorms of Columbia College, luckily for me I decided to take a year off after highschool and that didn’t work out,
      Living with that bitch probably would have been then end of me… and more than likely the end of her (joking, kind of.)

      As soon as I heard she was on the real world, I told my friends down south where I have relocated about a year ago all about her cancer story and that I wouldnt be surprised if it came out on the show…. low and behold, nobody can keep a secret… I think it’s hilarious that the entire country, probably world knows what a terrible person she is.
      And those of you who are defending her, clearly haven’t gotten to know the REAL Erika.
      She is one of the worst people I have ever known personally or had in my neighborhood of friends. It’s a small small world, and once you screw up a million times and screw a million people over, karma is a bitch
      and now she’s embarassed, as she should be and I doubt her ‘career’ will be going anywhere anytime soon… I mean, I never thought it would anyways considering she really isn’t all that talented at all. And every ‘band’ she’s had has broken up and left her to her own devices… because of the psycho control freak bitch she is.

      So please people, stop defending her. She’s a piece of shit, always has been, always will be. People don’t change. Erika is one of those people who will continue to get worse and worse because she’s so self centerred and doesn’t understand the first thing about life or what the word ‘honesty’ means.

      Yeah thanks.

  • Laura

    I don’t know her at all, but as an adult (47) all I can say is give the kid a break!! This lie was 3 yrs ago – she was an ignorant teen with a broken heart. All teens do irrational ridiculous things. The logical part of their brains are not fully developed until their early 20’s. Leave her alone. Don’t be responsible for pushing her over the edge with worldwide name-calling. That is horrible. People who live in glass houses….,.

  • Nicole

    lol it does not take logic to know that you don’t lie about having cancer to make people feel bad for you when your boyfriend dumps you. what kind of dumb idiot does that. there are many people every year who lose loved ones and people close to them to such a serious illness. that is a slap in the face. Erika’s illness is nothing but pure ignorance. it doesn’t matter how old you are… i’m happy she goes home early. just goes to show that she sucks. i don’t think anyone from our home town is happy about seeing her on mtv anyways…

  • Samantha

    If you don’t know Erika shut the fuck up. It’s pathetic that people who are acting like they know her are believing a bunch of bullshit with no credentials on a shitty little bloggin site.

  • lollll

    Lol dude delete this post immediately. Everyone knows that TRW is taped months before the episodes air.

  • anonymousCHICAGOgirl

    So here’s the real deal. I have known of/and then gotten to know Erika quite well for about… six years. Started out as mutual friends from highschool and we got connected through myspace and she was kind of involved or trying to get involved with my ex…we let that go and actually started talking and for a moment i thought she was a cool, pretty nice girl. There was actually talk about us rooming together at a College in the city for the arts, thankfully that fell through.
    But I can confirm that she actually did lie to everyone i knew, she knew, and their mothers that she had cancer and was ‘DYING’. And we all actually fed into it for quite awhile. And I can’t even begin to tell you how disgusted everyone was when we found out it was all a lie just for Erika to get some more attention, being the attention whore she is.
    I could go on and on about all of the pathological lies she has told our friends in the Chicago and surrounding area, but I don’t have time to feed into her gossip.
    Since she has such a terrible reputation amongst the people she tried to call her ‘friends’ she then reached out to every scenster guy she could by posting hundreds of photos of herself dolled up like shes going on some sort of photo shoot or to a drag queen contest of some sort (joking) and literally was in LOVE with any and every guy that would give her the time of day. She has dated, messed around with, chased, or attempted to do any of the above with more than half the guys I know in Chicago… so she moved on to hitting on dudes across the country that don’t know about her dirty laundry. They would all fly to Chicago and she was “IN LOVE” with each and every one of them (Maybe because they were all cookie cutter stereo stypes, the long hair, side swept bangs, in some sort of band, piercing, tight clothing… you know what I’m talking about.) And every single one of them quickly realized how nutty she was, and POOF! her heart was ‘broken’ waah waah wahh.

    She has gone through numerous ‘bands’ merely because after awhile none of the people she jams with want to put up with her shit, and she’s really not all that great.

    Erika is not a good person. I know from first hand experience. And I’m normally not one to “talk shit” and waste my time gossipping, but when I saw that she was cast on The Real World, and then HEARD that she left bv she was so mortified because the skeletons in her closet were discovered….. and I came acrosst this blog, I couldn’t help myself.

    P.S. Love your blog.