Bubba The Love Sponge Twitpics Booty Shot of Wife, Heather Clem!

heather bubba's wife
Bubba The Love Sponge Twitpics Booty Shot of Wife, Heather Clem!

That is some crucial West Virginian non-virginal redunkulous booty. This is what twitter was invented for. This puts the Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore booty twitpic to shame.

Another pic after jump.

bubba's wife


Author: shabooty

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  • heather is smokin’!!! damn!!!

  • bob

    thanks for the pix

  • bob

    Except for her white trash looking face

  • bubbastheman

    goddamn i almost did the knuckle shuffle on my pisspump from that 1st pic. …..btw bob is clearly a g@y guy

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  • jbird

    Think ya need to go younger bubba….your about to be Howards new man. Im sure there some 18 year old hotties lined up :-p

  • Im a Okie and I love your show, your wife is pretty hot how in the hell did a ugly fuck like you get a woman like that? Keep up the great work. By the way I drank 5 Rum & Coke had the rattler in my pocket then took 2 ambian and forgot my password and user name when I paid my membership fees Please help me out with that my email is gcypert12@yahoo.com

  • Bob, not the gay one

    Your wife has a perfect ass, I,d like to see Heather an Beth O in a picture together.I’d like to say your lucky to have her, your not. You are a talented SOB, very well deserved sweetass. Please stay on sirius

  • jm

    A prime example of a “butter” face. Her body is decent butter face is nasty! Gimme a break. Pure white trash looks which explains the attraction to her illiterate fat husband! She’s just another gold digger with fake tits. That’s all. Tampa is littered with them. She needs a face implant,nevermind the tits! lol.