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Prefaced with a no homo. I seemingly have a love affair with Greg Fitzsimmons because a) he’s mad funny and b) he acknowledges I exist = I like the guy. We actually go way back. I’ve interviewed him, I’ve written on LAist about him, and I’ve called into his SIRIUS101 radio show, talking about fried chicken, naturally.

Anyways, the FITZDOG has taken a page out of Adam Carolla’s book and launched his very own podcast. Here’s the latest episode with guest rocker, Dave Navarro. Oh, oh, oh, just some back story on Dave and Greg getting together, you’ll notice they’re EXTRA BUDDY BUDDY on the below podcast. The reason they’re extra buddy buddy is because originally they were beefing, and now they’ve come around full circle to be homies.

The story went that as Greg Fitzsimmons was hosting the pr0n awards, the AVNs, Dave Navarro was sitting in the front row of the awards show with his aviators on, and basically totally not paying attention to anything Greg Fitzsimmons was saying on stage. Greg (as a comic) zoned in on this one “douchebag”, and then proceeded to trash Dave Navarro on the Howard Stern Show…understandably. And for the record, until Greg Fitzsimmons made up with Dave Navarro and co-signed that he’s a good guy, I too was subscribed to the Dave is a Douchebag camp’s logic.

So, on to how they made up. Greg Fitzsimmons was a writer on Dave Attel’s now defunct Gong Show on Comedy Central. Dave was a celebrity guest one episode, and Greg extended an olive branch (via an assistant on the show) to Dave Navarro, to talk and make up. After initial resistance, Dave Navarro took the offer and met up with Greg and they instantly got over any of the prior bullshit, and now they’re BFFs. Fast forward to now and here’s Greg’s latest episode of his PODCAST. Enjoy!

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Greg always KILLS on the Howard Stern show.


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