Cage (LIVE) – DC 9 – Douchebag Gets On Stage During Cage Set – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Cage Live at DC9 – Douchebag gets on stage during Cage’s set. Also, gets a drink thrown in his face as he’s being removed.

Wild Cage show this past Wednesday night in DC. The reason I love Cage is that he doesn’t tolerate douches. Here is exclusive video of a typical “Agent Orange Douchebag” (a drunk guy that is just being obnoxious, wanting to hear Agent Orange)… but where this turned atypical, was when dude literally got on stage and sorta stepped to Cage. I was in shock, as this unfolded. It’s amazing he didnt get hauled off, immediately. Instead there was that awkward moment, mad funny. I love how the security at DC9 is some frail-ass dude. Anyways, as he was being removed, Yak Ballz allegedly came up and threw a drink on him. That awkward moment occurred, where for a while you didn’t know what was going to happen. When you step to a rapper with their adrenaline going, it could be bedlam.


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  • Prolific Memorie

    I was waiting to see if you had the footage! Fuckin douche. Anyway, glad there was no fights breakin out. that could have ruined a show real quick!

    pieces of later,

  • Crisp

    What an idoit! I am glad he got the drink throw on him! Me too! I am glad there was no fight break out!

    I said this before Cage is an awesome performer. =)

  • That was so funny. What a fucking douche. I was standing there with Yak then suddenly I hear the commotion and he was gone, got up on the speaker and threw his drink on the idiot. So great!!

  • yea i saw yak’s face… it was intensity… like warrior mode… it was actually a warm thing to see cause he wuz going to the defense of his boy.


  • citawtf

    i heard da guy was a cop??? true????

    oh and that drink was yak’s drink???ehehe

    now this video is awsome…loved cage reaction :D

    thanks again shaboo

  • tommy neumann

    this dudes lucky he didnt get stomped on.peace out to the weathermen

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