Erika Lauren Wasilewski of Real World DC’s Ex-Boyfriend Confirms Fake Cancer Sob Story (SHABOOTY EXCLUSIVE)

Moments ago, I posted about how Erika Lauren Wasilewski of the Real World DC had faked cancer on her ex-boyfriend after they broke up, for attention.

Erika is from Chicago, and I have just received a message from a Billy in Chicago (I checked the Chicago I/P address), claiming to be her ex-boyfriend, and that this story is in fact true. Here’s what he said:

Billy says:
07/29/2009 at 3:48 PM

Hahaha. Wow. This is amazing. I was that boyfriend. Yes, she did indeed fake cancer after I broke up with her. Not only did she fake cancer for close to 9 months, but her family was also in on the lie and covered for her. So fucked up!


A friend of mine linked me your write-up of Erika Wasilewski of next seasons Real World. In the comments somebody mentioned that she faked cancer when her boyfriend broke up with her. Just wanted to confirm that it is true. I was the boyfriend that broke up with her. She actually faked some sort of skin cancer for close to 9 months. Everybody in our hometown believed her except for me and a select few people. Everybody hated me because I was “the guy who made fun of the girl with cancer”. Her family actually covered for her lies and went along with it. So fucked up. Once the truth came out and she finally admitted it she basically lost all her friends and went MIA for a while.


There you have it folks. Shabooty exclusives all over the place.Thank you Billy for shedding light on this Erika Lauren Wasilewski character.


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  • Prolific Memorie

    That’s shit’s too funny, bitches are fucking retarded. And then in another way its not funny because cancer is nothing to joke about when it is really got someone’s life in it’s hands.

  • true

    this is completly true billy can confirm her lying about going to her grandfathers funeral as well. Hopefully this kid tim saved an interesting convo he had with her when she admitted to all of this

  • ps

    it sucks that the one person from our hometown that makes it to real world is one of the shittiest people I have ever met. LAME>

    • anonymous

      i know this girl. we went to the same university, she frequented my parties last year and dated a close friend of mine.

      quite possibly one of the craziest girls i’ve ever met. she is also absolutely INCREDIBLY obsessed with herself.

      but really, what more can you expect from the fucking REAL WORLD. thank god i don’t have MTV, i’d tune in the same way people can’t stop staring at a car wreck.

  • Fake Cancer>>>Fake Pregnancy

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  • CJ


    • trickadaddyslim

      haha yeah the memories… i love that she always thought she was big shit.. no one watching this show in the chicago area is actually watching with the hopes that she succeeds. shes not even a good singer!

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  • haha

    I REMEMBER HER FROM THE PEP ASSEMBLY TOO!!!!! ok. so her and the “ever so popular” singer from the huge local band at the time performed their own song at our pep assembly. during the song they were booed, and then a chick fight broke out in the high bleachers (out of like 3000 students) and everyone started paying attention to that. it was hilarious, and i cannot believe this girl, who has always thought she was famous THE BIGGEST THING is now on REALITY tv. perfect fit……..


    Erika’s song sucked!!! And that fight in the bleachers was much more interesting. She is such an obnoxious, conceited, lying bitch.

  • Classmate

    I was in a class with her at Columbia College and when she would go to ask a question she would ALWAYS flip it around to talk about herself and her pathetic band. She was constantly running her mouth.. and even both of the teachers would just look at each other in disbelief and how ridiculous she sounded! When she went for the interview (“actually, it’s an audition”) for the Real World she bragged that it was for a reality show but loved the attention it got her and wouldn’t say which one. A friend and I bet that it was The Real World because she was the perfect person for the role of the crazy, whiny bitch!

  • jennifer

    i know this probably is not true, but it is still funny.
    i heard she got herpes from some kid. i kind of wish it was true, i went to high school with that obnoxious bitch and everything everyone has posted is true. she a completely self absorbed nut job. if she disappeared from the face of the earth, it would not be the worst thing in the world. stupid lying skank.

  • Rachel

    Okay seriously i went to school with her and i dont even remember her at all she had to be a loser! so i would love to see how this show turns out cuz im guessing from all the fake shit she said about herself she is a real winner and that she is just going to be either boring or create drama! lame! oh and i missed that pep assembly and i was mad cuz i missed that fight hahaha i wish i could have seen it! she should be boooooed cuz her voice sucks and her video on MTV is so dumb she like hits four keys the whole time and thinks its a song! WTG

  • Ray

    HAHAHA i just watched the first episode of real world and was just as embarrassed for erika when she started singing as i was when she sang at our school pep assembly. I not only went to school with her but she was also in my gymnastics class. two thumbs up mtv for picking a total nut job. I will admit though, i really thought that she would try to be on american idol before real world.

  • lolololol

    ummm that fight at the pep assembly was HILARIOUS. i remember she was on poms and thought she was the shit because she always got to sing the national anthem before every basketball game that no one came to because our team sucked.

  • MArk

    Erika is a stupid bitch. She “FAKED” cancer, and that is the truth. I have known her for 5 years, and know all about it. I was hoping this would come out, but I didn’t want to be the one who put it out there haha.

  • Da Square

    Haha. Its all so true. Went to school with her through elementry through highschool. The whole school knew she faked cancer and its all over facebook. However. She is still a person who obviously has a problem. Thank God she has a family that supports her because with out that she wouldn’t be able to survive. Its actually kinda sad.. she used to be so sweet, quiet her and her sister would sing at all the school assemblies and now.. WOW. Just WOW Unbelievable for her to blow such a huge chance. She obviously is still dealing with a lot of problems. So sad

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  • katie

    From what I gather, she has admitted to faking cancer. Here’s the thing: I know most of the posters here must be in their early 20s because that’s Erika’s age. I am 35, and you guys all sound like you’re whining, or are secretly jealous that’s she’s on TV. I’m sure that’s not the case, but that’s what you sound like. (i.e. Rachel writing: “Okay seriously i went to school with her and i dont even remember her at all she had to be a loser,” Mark saying she is a “stupid bitch” and he didn’t want to spread gossip but he sure is glad for her embarrassment, etc.) Da Square was one of the few people who treated her fairly, aka how YOU would want to be treated, Be a better person than her, which isn’t what you’re showing. Erika may have problems, but if that’s true you should be hoping she gets help and not reveling in her mistake. You guys wasted your time making fun of someone who’s probably mentally ill. I know why she did what she did; what’s your excuse?

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  • K

    She doesn’t seem that bad.

  • sheilee

    I think it’s sad honestly. Unlike other posters, I didn’t go to school with this girl or anything but I kind of feel for her. What kind of a person does something like this? Clearly, one who is mentally ill or unstable. Kids do stupid shit like this out of insecurity. I have struggled with depression and can’t believe some of the stuff I say at times (although never to this extent). I think the kids who might have harassed her are worse and far crueler. Yes, she did a fucked up thing but no one deserves being bullied (although I can’t get on board defending her about her tattling on her college roommates for smoking weed. that’s lame).

  • gajs

  • shes nice

    jk!! well she seems to spoiled and and annoying! i love her hair color but thats about it fuken lame ass singer ! she only id happy with her boyfriend shes nothing without him!!!! he can do way better! haha good luk wen u leave her booii she might lie and say shes pregnant or something!

  • ryan

    Id banger!! the Parma song Rules!!Putting Parma and Cleveland Ohio on the Map!! Go Erika !!! your hot !!