Stuttering John Melendez OUT as Jay Leno’s ‘Tonight Show’ Announcer

Also, NBC confirmed that Leno’s “Tonight Show” band leader, Kevin Eubanks, will indeed be continuing on “Jay Leno” as the show’s music director. But John Melendez, who had served as Leno’s “Tonight Show” announcer since 2004, will no longer serve in that capacity. Instead, Melendez will join the “Jay Leno Show” writing staff.

Melendez joins a staff of 19 writers.

I kinda figured this would happen. Pretty much how Howard Stern called it. The only reason they retained John and didn’t get rid of him outright, is because Howard made such a stink about him leaving/the way in which Jay stole him from the Stern show in the first place. Sigh.



Author: shabooty

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  • Don Arsenault

    John was a great asset to the Howard Stern show. I think Howard has been too hard on him. Jay paid him a lot more money than Howard would have paid him and anybody would have made the same move. I wish John well.

  • danielday

    john is a very funny guy, it’s too bad some stern fans pounce on him after all the good radio bits he gave us

  • Stuttering John was an ingrate!!!!! He showed Howard no respect. Yea John wouyld have gotten the job being a “semi” personality who’s only talent was to STUTTER. Howard never had a problem with John until John started to talk smack about Howard. WAAAA Howard did not pay me enough, did not like me WAAAAA. John on the show was an ahole, ask any one that was on Stern if they miss John? NO!!!!!!! Ok john went for the money, you got it so don’t wine now when the schitck ended and so did your career!!!!!

  • toadstool

    hey..john your 5 minutes is almost over…i bet john invested well..whatever money he made…he’s street smart…a fighter…but he has zero talent…if jay has 19 comedy writers…then john is number 19…and he took a pay cut too i bet…if i never see him again it would be just fine…he should grow his hair real long again and ask jackie the jokeman for a job….who says you cant go backwards in life…..

  • ArtiePig

    John is not funny and never was. Howard’s take on John is what made him funny. It is obvious Leno could not make him funny. He is a self serving back stabber. I never liked him on the show and was glad when he left.

  • Thom

    Well….Jay is stupid for getting rid of John, someone has to make Jay look smart and funny…John did a great job with that…I am not saying John is a non talent putz…well i guess I am….someone needs to clean the restrooms and John needs a job

  • sc

    I miss John on the tonight show. I think he should come back as the announcer. I even miss seeing what coffee cup he had every night.

  • blanketjackson

    at least with howard, john was guaranteed a job. it’s all about loyalty. money isn’t everything. john has always portrayed himself as an opportunist. unfortunately, his have since fallen through. the writer gig will soon pass as well. and F-Jackie.

  • Johnny

    STuttering John was only “funny” when Howard sent him out on assignments to butcher the English language while trying to interview dopey celebs, but without the show he’s nothing lets’ face it people, please….

  • Encle Elroy

    If I had the choice to make 5x my salary and not get dumped on 4 days a week and I only have to “work about 20-30 hrs a week and live in sunny California? Peace I’m gone. Chance of a lifetime!! My old boss’ m.o. Is to sh#t on anybody that smells like they want to do something other than the show so screw, you don’t get the chance to ruin upgrade in quality of my life. Fired or not I’m sure John feels great on the choice he made for his family. And I love listening to the old shows on Sirius

  • BaahBen

    Howard was never going to get Stuttering John anything, but he wanted to keep him on at the same time. The guy had a chance to better himself and his family. Good for him. Howard had his. What was so wrong about John getting some money, too? The fact that in the end it did not work out is relevant.