Waiting over an hour to interview Talib Kweli

This is the mad excitement that is Talib Kweli, folks. Waiting an hour and a half to interview him. … I already interviewed who I wanted to interview already today, too. Bout to bounce. I ain’t no bama.

Author: shabooty

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  • No matter how big an artist gets they should know the value of being on time for interviews and appointments. This isnt a cool vegas night club where showing up on time means you will wait longer in line because you arent fashionably late.

  • Ugh…such a jack-ass…

    Wait until I email Craig & ‘nem today.

  • true ethered him today

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  • Snark

    The wedding photo with the jug of Hennessey told me all I need to know about this clown. Only a true ghetto rat would think a jug of booze would make his wedding pic sweet, what a tool. Sounds like someone is acting a bit big for his britches. Someone might want to remind him that despite what he thinks he is a nobody to everyone that don’t follow rap, I wouldn’t know him if he bit me on the leg. Be damned if I would wait 20 minutes for the fool let alone 2 hours. Little bit of small time fame don’t buy class…