Erika Lauren of Real World DC

Well here are pics of the red headed chick from Real World DC, Erika Lauren. She’s pretty steamy, but the jury remains out on whether or not she has an ounce of musical talent or not. I am not giving her the benefit of the doubt, however. My assumption is that she’s just another hot chick with heightened confidence that THINKS she’s some great singer. Usually this occurs when indie producers gas said chick’s head up in order to get in her pants.

Cue the bio about her band and the band mate that’s cramming her:

Erika Lauren is 21 years old from Chicago, Ill. and attended Illinois State University She’s a singer who has been in multiple bands but is currently in a group called A Quiet Capture. She does have a boyfriend named Ian who is a also in a band.

More: My name is erika lauren and i am from the Chicagoland area. i have been singing all my life doing anything and everything from musical theater to church choir to bands. Music is my utmost passion, and i love performing. This summer I have been ducking in and out of the studio working on new music a long hiatus, dabbling various styles and creating songs that i enjoy. My music is different and fun, and my vocals are variable. I have worked with noted producer Chris Sernel from Escape from Earth. Please support his other production work and his band. And spread the word about me and my music. Tell your friends and add my songs to your page!

Also, I am assuming she had a horrible upbringing and has many personality defects/she’s extra cunty, due to the simple fact that she’s on The Real World.

More pics after jump…

She looks like my ex- before my ex hit the wall!


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  • She is cute. I predict she will be naked alot this season.

  • lola

    I saw her erform today at the 9:30 Club in DC during The Cab’s set. She actually wasn’t all that bad. A little pitchy, but I would give her another listen.

    • interesting. were there a bunch of real world stalker groupies there?

  • jess

    she is from my hometown. she faked cancer when her boyfriend broke up with her for attention. can’t wait to watch this nutcase in action. i predict she goes home because no one likes her as much as she likes herself.

    • LOLz uh oh, I may have yet another exclusive on my hands. :) thanks for the 411.

    • WB

      Hahaha. Wow. This is amazing. I was that boyfriend. Yes she did indeed fake cancer after I broke up with her. Not only did she fake cancer for close to 9 months but her family was also in on the lie and covered for her. So fucked up!

  • haha

    ah yes. i’m also form her hometown and can definitely confirm what jess has said. this girl is a nutcase. would not be surprised if she has some sort of mental break down and makes a huge real world scene. that or makes constant shameless plugs about her music.

  • I know her

    Shes from my home town area. I hung out with her a few times in high school. . . Until she faked cancer.

  • Hahah

    I used to hang out with the people who live in her hometown. I live in the neighboring town, but I know for a fact she def faked cancer. Didn’t she make up anothe huge lie? I can’t recall. When I was told she was going to be on the Real World I nearly pissed myself of excitement. This bitch will bring drama and entertainment, I’m sure of it.

    • Jimbo

      yes you are correct about her having another huge lie. she claimed her grandfather was on his deathbed in the hospital and when we called erikas parents to find out which hospital he was at, they had no idea what the fuck we were talking about. what a whackjob!

  • Bette

    A lot of girls get messed up over some a-hole guy. Sounds like he probably was. I feel for girls like her. A little compassion goes a long way people. Besides, wasn’t that like eons ago? Get over yourselves–people get help and grow up. I’m glad people don’t judge me from high school–that would suck. Hope there’s drama on the show, but let’s keep it in the present shall we?

    • no compassion

      sweetheart, if you knew her personally, you wouldn’t be preaching about compassion. trust me.

    • anonymous

      hun, if you feel for this girl and can relate to her, people from highschool are probably still judging you too..

  • lolz

    the other big lie was that she was going to italy for her grandfathers funeral. but her bf at the time could not go because he wasnt “full blooded Italian” but shes mostly polish so funny.

  • shabooty

    thanks guys. her ex-bf spoke out to me here:

  • Unfortunately know her

    Remember before she faked cancer when west nile first came out and she lied to everyone saying she had it! HAHAHA we can honestly go for days about her lies.

    • ROFFLE. was that before or after she had SARS and Swine Flu?

  • also you know it’s a lie cause skin cancer doesn’t sound that bad if you made it up. if you had REAL cancer it wouldn’t be that… it’d be like CERVIX cancer or something. a good liar would lie about that type of shit.

  • Matt

    2nd picture is from the Sound Lab!! There would have never been a Sound Lab if it wasnt for me. Im starting to think maybe that was a bad idea.

  • Tim Rules

    all of the cancer stories are true. i was the first person she told, and it was almost immediate fter the breakup with billy. she pulled me off to the side and immediately started bawling her eyes out, and really sold it. i really believed her but things just didnt add up. i was also one of the first to be skeptical about it and maaaan did i take a lot of shit. her stories started to get a bit rediculous to the point where she was getting called out left and right. chemo, weight loss, hair loss, she was like…outrageous. finally after 9 months i got her to admit that she was lying the entire time, and never had cancer sealing her fate as the worst person of all time. for the one person who felt bad for her, fuck off. if you knew how far she took it, you would be on our side. if you only knew this girl…seriously just wait

  • boozey

    this girl was easily the most hated person in our high school. faked cancer and wore a crown to senior pictures because she declared herself the princess. i predict 6 of the 7 other castmates hated her within 10 minutes of meeting her.

  • Future Shrink

    Yes, this girl does need some psychological help, but dont feel sorry for her whatsoever. She is attention starved and will be a site to watch next season

  • Joe

    One time Erika rescued a baby from a brutal car accident. Her story was that a woman swerved off the road and hit a tree, and she saw the whole thing happen, and she stopped to help. She crawled into the vehicle to remove the baby and called 911 to rescue the woman who was driving. Her story turned into absolute bullshit when we all went to look at the accident site, and she couldn’t explain how this woman drove through a guardrail without damaging it, and hit the tree ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GUARDRAIL. I also work with her uncle, and apparently lying is genetic. I have a story about her sister, who faked rape, possibly to one up her sisters cancer fiasco. What a lovely family.

  • damn that is some wild shit
    sounds like she created a path of destruction.

  • knows her now

    I didn’t know her back then, but I know her now. She is a different person. Some people do change and get help and try to live a better life. Then there are others who have no lives so they live through others. You all need to move on. You’re still talking about high school?? I hope all your skeletons don’t fall on top of your small little minds.

  • random

    Joe, her sister faked rape? She shared with me about a year ago that she herself was the one who endured the “unwanted” sexual attention. What a believable story, aside from the part where she remembers everything even though she stands her ground when she says was “too drunk” to defend herself… better luck with the next lie, Erika.

    Oh yeah and when she tells you that all the initiation is on the dude’s behalf, don’t believe her. She secretly loves getting it from 33 year old men who cater to the musical interest of 16 year old girls…

    I’m rather interested in where she will be once she’s a veteran of the real world… hah.

  • LOL

    excuse me, can we also discuss how Erika tried dorming at Columbia College Chicago? This crazy bitch made a FOUR PAGE LIST of rules for her roommates to abide by…even though she moved in halfway through the semester and the other girls lived there since the beginning of school. Because they didnt like her, much like everyone else who ever meets Erika, Erika faked this whole fiasco about her MUSLIM ROOMMATES stealing her bacon. Muslims do not eat pork. She called the cops and created quite a scene in the lobby of the University Center dorm building, and also filed “restraining orders” against these girls who had no desire to go anywhere within 20 ft of her. SHE IS A LUNATIC.

    Ive also heard from numerous boyfriends THAT ALWAYS BROKE UP WITH ERIKA that she’s a super needy attention freak. She crawled up in her ex-boyfriends ass for his MySpace default picture not being one of them together.

    For the person who feels bad for her now, you wont be when youre the next person to realize she is absolutely crazy in every way possible. There is a reason everyone she’s ever been best friends with is no longer friends with her, and why she goes MIA every few months, normally after she tells a new lie and gets caught. She is insane. A tiger does not change it’s stripes.

    I cant imagine any of her roommates will like her, unless she can hold back her insanity for 3 months and they never get to know the real her. But this is perfect for her – in her mind now, she’ll be a “celebrity” and maybe she’ll stop telling lies.

  • hot mess

    i also knew erika. not only did she fake cancer but she did indeed lie about her grandpas death. she told us he had died but then went to work..but when we called her she wasnt there and when we called her house her dad had no idea what we were talking about. things got shaddy and her mom then said there was bad blood between the familys but then she said her mom and dads side were related. she also lied about swallowing a bottle of pills but we had seen her crushing pills cause she was afraid to swallow them. thoughts?

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  • anon

    Certifibaly insane.

    no one has mentioned that her last boyfriend before this one, lived in canada…yes. another country. she’s pathetic, and disgusting. i also predict that she will leave. and i wonder if her current boyfriend knows this cancer story. DOUBTFUL.

  • LOL

    to back up the above…

    Not only has Erika lied about having cancer, she was also the biggest wanna-be band groupie for the longest time. She went to a ton of shows and tried to romance various band men via MySpace. MySpace – the place where she has 17,000 friends or something (are you seeing her extreme need for attention yet?) and met seriously almost all of her band boyfriends on after no one in Illinois wanted anything to do with her because everyone here knows shes a lunatic. She dated guys all over the country, and in Canada so no one would know about her “cancer” story. Eventually, much like this, most people found out because someone came forward. I believe one ex-boyfriend from Michigan even commented on Tim’s blog that contained the “cancer” conversation with Erika where she admitted she was lying- he had no idea. Her current boyfriend lives in Ohio. I wouldnt be surprised if he was clueless up until now either.

  • hey sailor

    ooohhh, yes. “LOL” you’re right. i came here to comment on the amount of boyfriends she’s had within a two year span. which of all she’s been “madly in love with”. if you live in the midwest, chances are you’ve dated erika. and apparently canada too. however, no one in illinois has dated erika since high school because of all the drama and shit she pulls. poor poor men in other cities who play in bands, watch out!

    oh! and i’m calling it. she’s going to cheat on her boyfriend on the season of real world. guaranteed.

  • knows her now

    What would you all do without her? Led very boring lives, I guess. When I met her she was upfront about her past right away. There’s a lot of revisionist history in many of these blogs. I know for a fact what went on in the dorm since I was at Columbia and witnessed the situation. She was not the last person to move in–she never filed a restraining order. One of her roomies that came in last after getting kicked out of her dorm apartment was an out of control freshman who ended up getting kicked out of the college. That’s what happens when people drink all night and never go to classes. Erika was not interested in drinking and getting kicked out of the dorm, so she was the girl’s target. She would be the first to admit she’s made mistakes. She’s not perfect, but she’s also not the same person anymore. People who know her now don’t care what she’s done in the past. She treats her friends with kindness and consideration, and is grateful that they can focus on the now and leave the past where it should be left. Oh, and tigers may not change their stripes, but people can and do learn from mistakes, get help, grow, and change. I hope that many of you (who must have never done anything wrong) learn as well.

  • justfine

    She is just a kid! I know her and I think she is fun. Erica is a great singer and I hope she does well. I am sure everyone else who has made negitive statements on this sight is perfect!

  • Melissa

    My best friend was roommates with Erika at the UC in chicago. She is indeed crazy. She called the police on us, just because we were having fun on a saturday night, drinking, having a good time, whatever. accused my MUSLIM FRIEND of eatting all of her bacon..yelled, screamed, cried to the police, and everyone thought she was crazy. She finds a lot of her boyfriends on Myspace, they would come over to the apartment and she would sing to them, then disappear for hours at end in her bedroom. She got me, along with the rest of her roommates, and our friends in trouble, pretty much, once a week. She was a crazy bitch. I really truely hate her.

  • Lisa

    Erika is a compulsive liar and everyone in Frankfort knows this; she really needs help and her house always smelled of cat piss;

  • wow

    Lincoln ways finest! of us had to make it on a reality show! Remeber the pep rally when her and evan paulson sang? It was ruined by a black chick fight in the stands! Lmao. Too funny.

  • Sean Connery

    This is why abortions should be legal….

  • karmaaaa

    Wow, I remember that pep rally very clearly. It was hilarious!
    I’ve known Erika since grade school. What cracks me up the most is that her bio on mtv says she “battled lonliness and depression.” Whatever. That girl is so full of herself. I’m interested to see what happens on RWDC.

  • too funny

    does anyone else have the strange suspicion that “knows her now” (the only person standing up for her) is actually erika herself?

  • COra

    i went to school with her, i remember one time, at a pep rally, she was singing, and a huge fight broke out, she thought all the cheering was for her…-.- hahah….she was crying so hard after that. =/

  • COra

    that pep rally was….awesome. i think that was the only one i didnt ditch, and im super glad i didnt.

  • WOOOWW, get lives. and leave her frikn alone. ALL of you recalling her past need to stop caring about what she does, and worry more about themselves. Dude, you people really suck


    wow, no wonder why she has problems, listen to all of you people bash her. seriously get a life.

  • Chris

    YEah you guys need to leave her alone. So what, she was a liar in high school drama queen nut job etc. She was only a kid then and I am sure she moved past that. I’m sure anyone who meets her now thinks the world of her and I am sure she is an amazing person! I’m proud of her for going through all that, taking all this crap now, and being able to move on from it and lift her head high!

  • Jaymie

    Seriously, you guys are pathetic! Highschool was YEARS ago for her, grow up! I knew some very troubled girls in highschool, girls who every called “crazy” or who “everyone hated”, some of which have ended up becoming relatively famous in various capacities- I would NEVER get on a blog or send comments like these about those girls. That is so mean-spirited and sad. Get over it! It was years ago, and while it’s clear she has issues with depression on RWDC, she definitely is not a crazy liar. All of you need to re-focus all of this excessive attention on yourselves and your own lives, and why you feel the need to deface a person who hasn’t been in your lives for years.