Jessica Biel Pole Dancing Video from Powder Blue Movie

You know, if you pay close enough attention to this blog, you would have picked up a lot of exclusive nuggets and inside anecdotes… here’s another one (it pays to have friends in LA). This is my friend talking:

Get a load of this, Jessica Biel she went to high school w/ my sisters, and she thought she was hot shit because she was on 7th heaven. So, it’s prom and she goes into the bathroom my sister is there touching up her make-up and Jessica was like does anyone have a tampon?

So, my sister gives her one. Jessica goes into the stall and starts screaming! She pushed it in, forgetting to take the other one out. Then, she begged my sister to help her fish the tampons out of her cunt.

Me: EW! So, what happened after?

She helped her, but then she was a evil bitch to my sister, so I tell everyone I know that story.

WOW! See… that’s called shabooty exclusives, son.

[video via: bol]

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