Paris Hilton’s New Saying: “That’s Huge / HUGE” & Paris On Twitter.

They played a clip on the Howard Stern show of Paris talking about her new buzz word which is “That’s Huge” or “Huge”. Gosh, she’s affected.

Paris Hilton – HUGE

Also – Paris is on Twitter:
Hey Everyone! Greetings from Europe, just checking in. On a romantic trip with my boyfriend, it’s so beautiful here. We fly to London tomorrow, so excited, I can’t wait! I’ve been asked a lot recently abut Twitter and there are A LOT of fakes. So just to let everyone know – My one and only real name on Twitter is BabyGirlParis. Have a great day. xoxo Paris

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  • sniffles

    anyone know where i can find a sound clip of “that’s huge” or just “huuuuuge?” I love how they play the clips on the Stern show.

  • amanda
  • Garebear


  • Oi.

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  • I want to take a hhuuuugggeeeee dump on that idiot paris hilton

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  • Justin

    She stole it from South Park.

    It’s at the end.

  • jennifer

    she didnt come up with “that’s hot” that saying has been said since the 80s b4 the world knew who paris was. she just took credit for it. and thats huge i heard that in some comercial of t taxi company or something i think it was carmel car and limo services, at the end of the comercial the lady goes “now that’s huge” anyways paris u r no one special, no one cares to repeat the words that come out of you mouth. u r not a person that is admired u r a person that is ridiculed

  • me

    I was saying “that’s huge” when I was 12! It’s a common saying in Australia!

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  • For fuck’s sake, she doesn’t even have to try A LITTLE BIT. That’s (insert adjective) here. And her adjectives aren’t even the fun ones! I’d honestly give her some credit if she came up with a catchphrase with a bit of panache. “That’s exorbitant”, “that’s egregious” or “that’s superfluous” would be more original, respectable catchphrases.

  • Kelsie

    @Sarah Mascara — You’re an idiot. The three “catchphrase examples” you cited would’ve done nothing more than made it look like she’s trying too hard.