TweetDeck Review

TweetDeck – Adobe AIR Application – Review

It is rare I do a software review, but TweetDeck is a rare piece of software. If you thought twitter on its own was addictive, imagine having access to a twitter control deck that let’s you basically be on top of it all at once. It’s basically twitterific on steroids, that don’t have to be injected into one’s buttcheek. Here is a screenshot to get an inside on what I am looking at when I load TweetDeck. You’ll notice the multiple planes. This allows you to again, keep tabs on everything, very simply. I will explain how I have personally set mine up, but obvs. it’s a very customizable piece of software…

Here is how I set up my copy of TweetDeck. The far left I have: All Friends. And this is basically the equivalent of browsing to It’s the constantly updated stream of your friend’s tweets. Next to that left plane I just set up a customized group of not just people I follow, but the shabooty dynasty – or people whom I want to keep uber tabs on and not miss a word. This abilty to create a unique grouping of your twitter buddies is what really puts the software over the top. It’s not rocket science but damn it rocks. The bottom line is I follow a bunch of people I honestly don’t care that much about, I just was returning many follows to be nice. This way I can make an eliter grouping. You get the point.

When you click on someone’s user name (under their avatar) it pops up their profile – as seen in the 2nd picture, of Mara. She’s hot but anyway. I close that profile view, to view my third viewing plane. That is my REPLIES section. This is for all of the @shabooty ‘s – or people who send me replies. I put that as third most urgent in terms of update regularity hence why it’s third.

Next, in this case my 4-6th planes are just some interesting search terms I want to keep tabs on. The most obvious is my own username. Then I like to keep up on the world of hip-hop so I have @byroncrawford and @yak ballz search terms set up as planes… You can have as many of these open as you wish. See the bottom scroll bar? It’s all good!

And my last two (far right) planes I have the TwitScoop – which is like the equivalent to wordpress’ category cloud – or trending hot topics in the twitterosphere. And after that I just have my direct messages. Which I rarely use. Note the [+] next to one’s name. That is the easy way to add users to your custom groups! Aside from all of those cool features, TweetDeck does a Growl-esque pop-up in the top right corner (picture below) every few minutes (you can change the settings), which lets you know that you have new tweets waiting. So speaking of waiting, what are you waiting for? Go get Tweetdeck here. Note: I’ve only used the mac version. It requires Adobe AIR before it can be installed from the webpage, but it’s a quick breeze after AIR is installed.

That’s it! Gotta go… MURS is flooding my ‘shabooty dynasty’ group,
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