Brianna Frost Stars In MTV’s The Girls of Hedsor Hall

When I first saw the preview for this reality show I recognized one of the contestants. None other than a former Miss Howard TV (April 2008), Brianna Frost. Yet again a Viacom (MTV/VH1) reality show takes talent that was brought to the mainstream via the Howard Stern Show (see: Marey Carey, Flavor Flav, The Osbournes, Brianna Frost, etc). I so want to be a tv producer so I too can rip off the Stern show. Here is her bio:

Brianna – A self-described “nymphomaniac,” Brianna comes to Hedsor Hall from a small town in Pennsylvania. She is a “webcam model” who spends her days stripping for paying customers.

Brianna is desperate to improve her life. Her line of work has ruined her relationship with her parents; they barely speak these days. She feels that she looks sexy on the outside but feels terrible on the inside. But is she willing to embrace the steps needed to become a respectable woman?

…and here is the trailer:

The Girls Of Hedsor Hall | Trailer

The Partying Stops Here – Twelve wild girls that no one in America could tame are being sent to England in a desperate, final attempt to reform their wild ways and become ladies.
If the trailer doesn’t load you can view it here.

Yes she’s smoking. $$$

P.S. If you want to see her doing a strip tease, go here.

P.P.S. Brianna has a message for all of you out there:

Here are the current results, but the voting is still going on.


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  • Man, there’s something about that tight body. Loving that tan!

  • orlando

    she’s just another slut, nobody special. she does look beautiful on the outside but i know her insides are rotten,ewwwwww….